Great Product Experience

I just wanted to relate may recent experiences.

We recently received our 5 camera system. I could not be more impressed with the ease of set up. The software and set up are excellent.

I picked the locations, mounted the camera’s, (which took maybe 5 minutes a camera) sighted them in for the view I was looking for, and set the settings for each camera.

The video quality is excellent and I have been using a sensitivity for the motion of 4 and 5 and have not gotten one false trigger yet. It picks up people fine and so far nothing else. I was pretty careful with the view so as to only get the areas I was looking to protect. Front, side, and back doors, garage entrance and driveway.

Remote viewing is great, and I have loaded the NOX viewer on my computer at work so I can view the cameras on my desktop as well. The NOX works well for this.

At any rate, thanks again for a great product! They provide a nice piece of mind.

Doug Ritchie


Hi @dritchie,

I am so glad to hear that you’ve had such a positive experience! We definitely strive to make set up and use as easy as possible for our customers, and it sounds like we have succeeded! Thank you for sharing your positive experience and I hope we can continue to provide you with great products and services!