Grandfathered in?

Hello, I’m new to this so be nice. Plus I’m old. Lol. I just got two new cameras for an existing account from 2019 and it is showing a 30 day trial. Somewhere I read it should be grandfathered in. I would like to make sure it actually is? System was bought 30, Aprill 2020, Thank you kindly.

If you are using the 2019 account, then those new cameras should be grandfathered in. Where is it that it is showing you 30 day trial applies?

When I added a new outdoor to my long standing existing account, the message I got was, thanks for being a valued existing customer. You will never be asked for a subscription for any of the existing cameras, and they then listed the applicable types in the pop up message.

If it is definitely being added to your long standing account, it seems to me like you need to contact support.

Hi there, welcome to the community!

For users who have an account that was created before April 15, 2020, they will be grandfathered into the Cloud storage and will not need to sign up for a subscription. For users who created their account after April 15, 2020, there will be a free 30-day trial before they are offered subscription and/or local storage options.

If you need any further explanations or need any help, please feel free to contact my team at We would be more than happy to help you out!

Holy chit. About time you guys at blink actually respond instead of just spying on us aka reading posts only.


Got my account Aug 30, 2020 so lucky me I guess.


Can you be more specific. Are you using someone ELSES cameras that they have sold or gifted to you?
If that’s the case, the cameras themselves aren’t grandfathered, the account that was attached to them is. aka the email that was used to sign up back in 2019. So the question is, is it YOUR email account that was assigned to those cameras in 2019 or someone elses and you are using a new email on 2019 cameras?
Long story short, it has to be the same email account that signed up before April 2020 if you are going to be grandfathered.