Go figure

I just had to reboot my sync module. So what you might say, and you’d be right, people have been reporting this for ages. For me though, there was something unusual.

On opening the app on my phone I saw that my ‘Drive’ camera was offline. This camera is the only camera on my ‘Garage’ sync module. I read the instructions in the app, which suggested removing the batteries and waiting, and then refitting, basically, a reboot of the camera.

When a camera is offline like this, you see no thumbnail, just a big and obvious word, ‘Offline’. In addition, you cannot access the camera settings, to make any changes, and of course, as we all know there is no remote reboot option. Not being immediately convenient to get the step ladder out, to go and reboot it, I left it.

Later, I was using @lurume84 's desktop app, and noted that it did not show offline in there. No problem, I suspected that it didn’t support that information, yet. Maybe it does, not sure, but it seemed to be online in the desktop app? Curious, I clicked the snapshot button, and it took a new snapshot. Further, I viewed live, and then lastly updated the info button, to see all the info about the camera. All was available and current?

Go figure, the real Blink app told me it was offline, but Louis’ app could access everything fine. Weird!

I went back to the app to double check. Sure enough, still showed as offline. I checked on the sync module, and there were no issues reported there, so it definitely thought it was the camera, even after many hours.

Anyway, I figured if it worked for the desktop app, there could be no issue with the camera, so for convenience, and with the sync module being within easy reach, I simply rebooted that, just to see. Worst case nothing changes, and I still need to get the step ladder.

It did change though. The system came back up, and the camera reappeared correctly, and is now operational.

On this basis I conclude that sometimes, when instructed to reboot the camera in the app, first, it is always worth trying to reboot the sync module, if that happens to be more convenient, which it likely is.

If you’re remote from your system, you still face the same issue, whether it be camera or sync module, but still it might be that with the use of a remote smart switch, it might even be possible to restore an offline camera to operation, by simply remotely rebooting your sync module and definitely worth a shot, if you’ve got that set-up.

Just some random thoughts, based on me not having to climb my ladder.

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Interesting. Just recently, my Android app reported that one of my sync modules was offline. Second sync was fine. However, my iOS app reported all was well. Hours later, the Android app showed the sync module up and running.

To your point, I may put them in a smart plug so I can reboot them remotely.