Glare from camera

Hello. I have my camera in my window and while at night there is a glare that is coming off the window that catching the camera light and so it won’t catch anything outside all you see is the glare. Any help so I can have it record the outside and not the glare

Simples! It needs installing outside.

There is only 1 camera Blink sells that detects through window glass reliably. That is the mini indoor as it uses something other than a PIR sensor for motion detection. Mount that mini indoor camera outside and let us know how long it takes for it to fail.

If you are using an XT or XT-2, those belong outside. The original white indoor camera does not detect through glass.

Glare in a window??? Maybe try window tint film. In all of this, remember you are the installer of your cameras. A convenient simple camera location may result in poor videos. An inconvenient difficult camera location may result in great videos. Simple, easy, it works. Rarely do you get all three.