Ghostly goings on

Strange goings on, you need to watch the full clip…

I thought it might have been a bat catching a moth, any other suggestions?

Damn it! Why can’t I attach the video??

Save it to YouTube.
Then attach a link here.

You can’t attach it because this community forum is free with no subscription fees. That free thing means no video hosting. So the workaround is upload your video to your favorite host site. Then provide a link to it here in this community forum. Blink user favorite is youtube. The blink mobile app allows you to share your video clip directly to youtube and google drive.

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Thanks anyway, just thought it would be fun to post it directly on here without having to go through another step or ten…


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It’s two steps.
And I wanna see your ghost.

Hopefully this will work

Vid works great
At seconds 6 and 7 there is a shadow on the far right side. Looks like spider leg to me. The rest of the stuff floating around who knows. Dust, pollen, just a guess. Bugs and spiders love to play on the cameras at night but only certain times of the year for me. I’m up in MN.

Its amazing what goes on at night, isn’t it?

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Shadow of an insect wing, or as Joel said, a spiders leg, as either passes right over the IR illuminator. The floaty stuff looks a lot like fine rain to me. Mizzle, as we call it over here, simply being blown around in the gentle breeze.

Shame, I was hoping for a real ghost.

That’s as real as ghosts get I suspect…

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My system recorded something similar. How does the critter not reflect back as a bright light?

Because it isn’t walking over the lens, it is walking over the IR illuminator, hence the huge shadow, from a tiny bug.



Right before u see the shadow of whatever it you hear a lil like mumble or buzzing sound?? It sounds weird,like a lil alien or sumthin…lol…kinda creepy!!! :rofl::rofl: turn your volume all the way up and listen!!! Tell me what u think…on the first video…

Yes, I heard that, it was one of the reasons I posted it on here… I think the others on here have clarified what it was - the shadow was an insects leg passing over the IR transmitter, so I think it was a moth “buzzing” along with the tiny particles drifting on the breeze

Ugh, you wouldn’t believe what my Blink system pics up at night here in Palm Springs!

My indoor camera in the basement keeps sending notifications that there is action. But I have looked at the videos several times, even enlarging areas but I can see nothing. I wonder what is going on