Get rid of nagging subscription banner!

How can I get rid of this message at the top of the screen? It hasn’t been there for a year And just showed up…I don’t have a subscription, don’t want a subscription…(using 3 xt2 cameras since March last year)…I have tried to clear cache, delete app, unlinked Amazon account…any other suggestions…?

are you using sync module 1 or sync module 2?

Sync Module 1…no USB storage

and are your videos actually being recorded?

Yes they are…being recorded and stored on the cloud just like they have been for the past year+

Well that’s the first I have seen that for someone with a Grandfathered account…

Probably will go away with a future mobile app update. I have turned off Blink updates as way too many unknowns and variables currently. The subscription and local storage issues have run amok.

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In which case, log a support ticket, so that they are aware.

Although Blink staff rarely participates anymore here, We already know they (Blink staff) monitors and reads this forum. Especially since Will announced the Amazon forum change. 100% they know about the subscription and local storage snafus’ that are talked about every day in this forum.

Mobile app snafus are just part of the new product roll out blues. You may want to go back a few years and revisit the XT-2 camera rollout. Software, firmware, hardware changes so fast it made your head spin. So bad they stopped production and sales. Blink called it…we’re all sold out. We called it like it really was.

The nagging subscription banner and the Ring Neighborhood icon. Don’t kid yourself that the Blink mobile app isn’t an advertising platform for other Amazon products. Moving this forum to Amazon forum - specifically Blink is in the smart home area, is yet more advertising for Amazon products. Remember, Amazon bought Blink for the chipsets so they can be used in future products Amazon sells. Blink always was a donor organ.

Yes, just opened one yesterday but have yet to hear back…it’s not a big deal just annoying :yum:

Well it would annoy the heck out of me.

Hope they can help out. Probably just a flag set on the server, which they can toggle on and off for any given account, and something has wrongly set yours.

Really not surprising. Subscription, and local storage, and multiple supported and unsupported cameras and systems, potentially on the same account, and USB support obviously all over the place, based on reports in here, and the repeated multiple delays to the launch of subscription, with the free trial cloud period being extended over and over again. Clearly because they had all these teething problems, and more, during development.

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I was having the same problem. Here is what support did for me:
Unlink my Amazon account in the app
They did something on their end to remove the banner
Sign out of Blink
Signed back in to Blink. and the banner was gone.

I never linked mine and never got a nagging subscription banner. That damn Ring neighborhood icon is still there however.