Geofencing with Life360 and multiple sync modules

Hi all,
I have this situation:

1 blink account with 2 sync modules
This blink account is logged on my iPhone and on my wife’s iPhone.

I want to enable the geofencing and, if I understand correctly, the only way is to use Life360 via IFTTT.

With the IFTT and Life360 I can arm or disarm my system when the last person leaves or enter at home, until here all right.

The problem is that I have two sync modules and with this integration, I can arm or disarm only one sync module.

Any solution or workaround for this issue?


I don’t know if it’s correct to say it’s the only way. Certainly, Life360 geofencing, in conjunction with IFTTT, works well, I use it. It’s also true to say that the native IFTTT geofencing doesn’t work well, or at least it didn’t when I last tried it about a year ago.

Since going with Life360, I’ve read, on more than one occasion, that there are other reliable geolocation services that work well with IFTTT and Blink. Right now I don’t recall what they are, but there are others, for sure.

As for two sync modules, however you did the set-up for the first one, can’t you simply repeat that for the second one?

My set-up works so well I haven’t even looked at it for a year, so I’ve completely forgotten how I did it, but I know that when I did, I already had at least three sync modules, so I must have been able to pick the one I wanted. If I could pick it, then I could have picked another one, is the logic I’m applying here, so I’m thinking you could just repeat it for a second.

If you can’t do that, come back to us, and when I next look in, if no one has still come back with an exact answer, I’ll revisit my set-up, and try to add a second sync module.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’ve tried to duplicate the entry but I can’t do it, I can’t find the voice to duplicate it.

If I go on the settings I can see only this:

Ok, I think that I’ve found a solution.
I’ve to create a custom applet on IFTTT, now I’ve created it :slight_smile:

Mine was a custom applet anyway, because I didn’t know there was a pre-prepared one. Maybe there wasn’t one when I first did it? Either way, glad to hear you got it solved.

Yes, after some days I can confirm that it works.
There is only one thing that I don’t like very well and is that with the life360 app my wife always can view my position and I always can view her position.
Clearly not because I have something to hide, but because I think that is a privacy invasion and seems that I want to spy her :joy:

Huh, I didn’t even know this was possible.
Is there something/website/link/etc that lays out all the various features like this?