Frequently Asked Sync Module Questions

See below for some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our Blink Sync Modules! If you don’t see your question, start a new discussion for others to help out. Please find all of our Frequently Asked Questions at:

What is the range of the Sync Module? How far away can camera units be placed?

Assuming a fairly standard home (single building, no unusually dense construction materials), the Sync Module should be able to communicate with Blink units up to (and perhaps over) 100’ away in any direction.

What is the USB port on the SM for?

The USB port is for possible future updates.

In the event of internet or power loss will my Sync Module reconnect automatically?

Yes, it is designed to reconnect itself automatically.

What is the Sync Module for?

The Sync Module is the device that issues commands between the Blink app and the cameras. The system cannot function without it!

Does the Sync Module support 5ghz wifi?

No, Blink is not compatible with wifi networks broadcasting a 5ghz signal.

What do the LEDs mean?

A steady green and steady blue LED indicate your sync module is currently online and reporting as functional. Steady blue and a blinking green LED indicates that the Sync Module is unable to connect to the network. A steady green and blinking blue LED indicates that the Sync Module is in setup mode. Solid red means that the Sync Module has failed to connect.

Can you power the Sync Module with batteries?

No, the Sync Module must be plugged into wall power to function correctly.

Does the Sync Module work with third party cameras?

No, the Blink Sync Module is only compatible with Blink Cameras and devices.
Can you pair the Sync Module to an internet hotspot?
Yes, it is possible, but you may experience performance issues. This is not recommended for stability purposes.

Do I need to leave the Sync Module plugged in?

Yes, the Sync Module will not operate if not plugged in.

Can Blink Sync Modules connect to a captive network (paywall)?

No. If you are required to sign in through a webpage, or asked to agree to terms and conditions, your system will be unable to connect to the wifi network.
Examples Include: Xfinity Hotspot; Hotel Internet

@nick_at_blink Can you confirm that this is still accurate? I’m looking into a wifi extender, sigh.

Does the Sync Module support 5ghz wifi?

No, Blink is not compatible with wifi networks broadcasting a 5ghz signal.

Hi @livingtx,

That is still accurate.

I just bought a Wi-Fi access point to replace the crappy Wi-Fi built into my router provided by my ISP.

I figured if I get a better signal from source, then I don’t necessarily need to extend from what I have.

Best choice ever, I now get max speed throughout house and I get another 10 to 15 meters perimeter from what I have.

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Which product did you use @northan ?

Lol of course.

Edit. I got the UPS AC PRO 450mbps 2.4ghz 1300 mbs 5ghz.

These are enterprise level access points, so they have a myriad of settings for IT folks, however for me it was easy once I downloaded the app, it discovered the device and set up automatically.
You can also build a mesh system.

I hear good things about Google Wi-Fi too.

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Ive had a good experience with this access point. Not an enterprise level device but meets my (modest) needs.

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Is yours ceiling mounted?
I think yours has the same way of working where it’s best mounted to a ceiling. Missus didn’t like that idea so I turned mine upside down on a bookshelf and it appears to give better speeds

Yup on the ceiling. I’m fortunate in that my wife has specific things that she cares about related to interior decorating, but is remarkably flexible about how I integrate most tech things into the home environment :grin:.

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The other half not a fan of the looks of sonos either. Have to try and hide

The sync module DOES not automatically reconnect if power or internet goes down temporarily
Any time this happens you have to manually reset the whole thing…what a pain!

Yes, and you posted the same thing in the thread you created.

Is it really necessary to resurrect a thread that hasn’t been active for over six months with the same exact post?

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So the Sync Module issues commands to the cameras… but does it receive the notifications from cams? and does video pass through the module too, or does the cam connect to the router to send video?

Sync module - can the blue light be dimmed or disabled as it is rather bright?

Not that I know of, but a piece of tape should do the trick, without looking too ugly.

Thanks, that low tech solution would solve my immediate concern. Hoping BLINK development can add a dimmer feature in the future that is software or hardware enabled.