Free trial end date? Need to test "no subscription" local storage before Amazon return date

Suttyblink, I am still getting recordings to this day.

It is now four days after the new “claimed” date for free trial and I am still getting notifications and videos as before.

I also can’t find anything on their website now stating anything other than " If your account was created on or before April 15th, 2020, you will continue to have access to 7200s (2 hours) of free cloud storage and other features for any devices set up in your account and will not receive a free trial. Click here to learn more."

I guess I should simply consider this as a win for now, but the uncertainty is killing me… :thinking:?

Sorry for the mega-bump on this post, but in case it helps you at all, just today (March 26th, 2021) I received notice from Blink that my free trial expires in 30 days. I have had my all-Outdoor system running with them since September 2020, the first week the Outdoor system first came out, and this is the first expiration notice I’ve ever received.


I also received the 30 day trial notice today. I initially purchased the XT2 back in August because there was no additional monthly fee. I did add a 2nd camera in December. It’s unfair to expect us to pay a monthly fee when it was never expected in the 1st place. I’m pissed.

XT2s are free of subscription. If you bought a new outdoor, later, then that was always marketed as a subscription system. That, at least, to the best of my ability to follow what is going on. Undoubtedly, it’s been all over the place, and confusing at best.

StingrayJG, yeah I got the same email. I was expecting something like this to happen when we all least expected it. I am curious to see what happens, because the literature on the box states you can use the sync module 2 differently than what they now claim on the website. We will see I guess. I am quite disappointed in the way they have handled things thus far, so it won’t surprise me if they change it up again.

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Tracey, I would have to agree with you. But, I don’t think Amazon really cares if we think what they do is fair or not. Like the saying goes, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. :thinking: :man_facepalming:

Suttyblink, XT2’s are free of subscription yes, but do you think since Tracey purchased in August and, which I can only assume, created an account at that time, is after the April 15 2020 date for anybody to be grandfathered into the subscription free service?

No, for sure not grandfathered in. What will likely happen is that they will have some free storage, and the XT2 can make use of it, and will continue to work as it does now, but any new outdoor cameras, or any of the new ones, will not work, other than in the none subscription mode and will not be able to make use of the XT2’s free storage area in their account.

Best guess, like I said, it’s very difficult to follow, but there are many examples of features on a single account, only being available to specific camera types, when it’s clear it could have been applied to all. On this basis it’s entirely possible they can treat different camera types differently, on the same account, in terms of subscription behaviour.

I get why Tracey is pissed off, but she missed that the new outdoor was a subscription service camera from the get go. Granted, easy to miss, but still, it was always described as such.

So just received my “Your free trial expires in 30 days” email today, almost a year after purchasing the XT2 system in May 2020… So I went back to my order history and clicked on the product which is “no longer available” and it is explicitly listed in the description as " Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage included, 2-way audio, 2-year battery life – 1 camera kit" “* Free cloud storage – Keep hundreds of clips stored up to a year with no monthly fees or service contract required.” with a nifty little label at the top saying a newer version is available. (No thanks) So perhaps the grandfathered in system is a different date than what others have found. Either way, I will not be forced into a subscription service for something that is and has always been free. $3 a month per camera for the basic package, while not outrageous unless you have a massive system, is still excessive considering it’s supposed to be a free service. If they decide to make it a system wide shift, you still have access to motion alarms and 2 way audio, but it will not record. So I guess we’ll see in 30 days what happens. Our system has been kind of a waste anyway, so maybe I’ll just toss them in the trash and call it a day. Who knows.

Baneblink, yeah my system says I have only 5 days left. So just like you, and others, we will see what happens. I am also disappointed that the original marketing and packaging says we can use the system in other ways than it has come to evolve to. But again, I guess I’ll see in a few days.

On another note, for anyone that may benefit from this information, over the weekend I had one of my camera go offline. Tried and tried and tried to get it back online, and nothing. Then I deleted it, and re-added it to my system and still nothing. Finally, I plugged it in to USB while trying to connect, and it connected. Unplugged it, and the battery status still said “OK” (what the heck does OK mean on battery percentage anyway haha :thinking:) but then it went off line again. Changed the batteries, and it went back online. Not really sure, but 4 months is a long ways away from the claimed 2 year battery life. And before some of “you know who’s” chime in, no this camera was not in a high traffic area, and I don’t have the sensitivity high, and the record times are only 10 seconds.

My free subscription expired yesterday. I now don’t receive any motion notifications from my 3 cameras and nothing is being stored on the local usb drive.

Hi baneblink

May 2020 is after the cut off date, so you will not be grandfathered in. However, XT2s were always marketed as free cloud storage, so you will continue to receive free storage for your XT2s, or any prior camera, even if you buy them second hand.

What you will not get, having registered your account after 15th April 2020, and therefore not being grandfathered in, is free cloud for any future purchases, unless they are second hand old cameras. More XT2s, for example.

Someone who is grandfathered in, buying an outdoor, such as myself, receives a message during the adding process, stating it will remain free. You, will almost certainly not, if you get one of the new cameras and will be asked to subscribe, or utilise USB local storage.

Captain167, you don’t even get notifications either? Then what does it do without a subscription?

Can I ask what your plan is with this system and equipment? Do you plan on using their cloud subscription service now that the system is, essentially, useless?

So cloud storage will continue, but what about motion activated recordings which I’ve had since purchase? I’m not seeing where that will continue either. And I now have a countdown in my app. 29 days as of today… I hate waiting. -_-

If you have no new style cameras, all XT2s, you should not have any countdown timer. You need to contact support right away, and get it fixed.

XT2s are free cloud storage and always will be, according to their own material, which can easily be found on this site. Check out the table on this page:

Clearly, XT, XT2 and any other legacy camera, get free cloud storage, for any purchase date. It is referenced in many different ways on many other pages too.

Check out the heading, local storage on this page:

If, however, you have outdoor cameras, then the answer is different. You will not get any free storage, because you were after the cut off date.

Correct I don’t even get notifications. Waiting to hear back from Blink since the documentation states you should get notification and it should be stored on local usb and accessed thru app. Otherwise the choice is pay for the subscription or take them down as a lesson learned.

Let us know what you find out.

All of my cameras are XT2’s. I bought them all at once last May and haven’t bought any since. So I’ll try to reach out to support and see if there’s something that can be done. I’ll let you all know what I find.

I expect they will tell you that those specific cameras will keep their free storage, and your free trial end date refers to if you were to add any of the new ones, because your account is not grandfathered.

But yes, do please keep us up to date.

I logged in to see what is happening with the free trial. Mine shows that I have 12 days left. It seems that many here are going to let it expire and see what happens. I like the system, but the last thing I need/want is another reoccurring bill.

Is there anyone here that plan has expired? What are the results of that? Can you log into app and see what’s happening? Do you get notifications on your phone? Do you still get clips and can you view live? Just curious.

I am on the fence.