Free trial end date? Need to test "no subscription" local storage before Amazon return date

So what’s the deal with this free trial game Blink is playing?

I got the new outdoor camera system for Christmas (like I assume a lot of us did :slight_smile:) and I have ZERO plans on paying for the subscription service. This is one of the reason I even entertained the idea of Blink in the first place. Multiple family members have Blink and love it, but it’s the older system and they are grandfathered into the free cloud storage. I agreed that I would give it a fair evaluation with my free month trial, and then what it was like with only local storage (sync module 2 - with usb) and see if I still liked it with the no subscription option. Because from what I understand, it may be a watered down and even slower user experience which I am not interested in.

After doing the research back in November 2020, they claimed the free subscription would end at the first of the year, 2021. Then, they moved it to January 28th 2021. And now, it’s been moved again to February 18th 2021…??? That’s fine and all, but here’s the problem. How can I give this system a fair evaluation before the Amazon return date if they keep moving the date further and further? Do you think this is intentional? Trapping us into the system with a “free trial” because we can’t return it after the free trial expires?

With the January 28th date, I had to contact Amazon and ask for an extension on the return date, which they kindly extended to February 15 2021. But now the trial (they “claim”) is moved again to the 18th. So again, I can’t fairly test and evaluate the local storage no cloud subscription part of this camera system.

What can I do? Is there someone at Blink that can assist with this? Can you turn off my free trial so I can give this a fair side by side test? I have two weeks to figure out if I am keeping this, or returning it and looking into another option. Please help.

My crystal ball tells me that the entire Blink subscription thing is gonna go in the shitter. Plan B is Amazon sells you a subscription to AWS Amazon Drive services instead. Your Blink videos, cell phone photos, cell phone videos yada yada wlll all be in the Amazon cloud via a desktop and mobile app that is also integrated with your Amazon prime account. Amazon gets to copy the Google drive game plan and spy on your assz via all that smart device stuff in your home linked to Amazon Web Services.

Your choice is simple.

Return it, quit being the Guinee Pig, and wait for others to take the hit for a non performing product. You are out NOTHING. You got it for free as a Christmas present. Or simply remember it was present, Christmas is long gone, and now if you want more Free chit, you gotta call 1-800-AOC-HOAX.

free ■■■■

I think, and it’s only my guess, is that the free trial is extended because the local storage to USB is delayed, due to unknown (to us) technical or commercial issues. I surmised that I don’t see the full operational mode of the USB storage because I am grandfathered in to free cloud, but that was just a random thought, and I don’t really buy it.

I and others, who have been trying the local storage, have reported a whole bunch of issues, and right now I’m in a long support case with Blink regarding a serious failure of local storage. They want to try a new sync module for me, but I’m almost certain it will not resolve my particular issue. There is nothing wrong with my sync module, and I am 90% plus convinced it’s an issue at the server end, but they will not entertain that. Together with shipping delays, it will have been many weeks before we move on, and it will not be finished then.

I agree there is no way you can trial the system without it being in full operational mode, and truly reflecting what they claim, that there will be little functional difference between the two modes of operation, bar a small delay for the file to be sent to local storage, and for it to be recovered from there. You could ask again for a further extension, or return, and buy again in a few months when things have settled down.

There’s a chance that they simply screwed up, and are trying to work out how they can get away with the mess they find themselves in, having offered local storage as a functional alternative to cloud storage. Honestly, when I first read that local storage would work seamlessly as an alternative to a cloud subscription I was stunned. They risk completely undermining their own subscription plan.

Grandfathering people in, logical and fair, whilst not undermining future subscription plans. Making local storage behave pretty much like cloud based storage, as the claims imply, what are they thinking?

Joel, your first paragraph scares me, because unfortunately that may all be true?! haha :man_facepalming:

But regarding your second, in the spirit of honesty, when I say I got it for Christmas it was from my wife. Sooooooo, essentially I DID BUY IT! haha :grimacing: I think that’s why I am so frustrated with this, is because we invested in a system with the expectation to give it a fair trial, and cannot. I would simply return it and repurchase at a later time if things got sorted out, but yet again, we got the black Friday special and the same system is now $110 more to repurchase,

I know you are joking for the most part, but I do hope this doesn’t come off that I am simply looking for free stuff. I truly do want to give it a fair shot with the local storage, as it was the selling point in the research I did before purchasing, ahem… I mean getting for a Christmas present. :grin:

Suttyblink, thank you for the information. It sounds like this may all be a crapshoot, and nobody really knows what to expect, even them.

Do representatives from Blink respond through these forums or do I need to contact them directly? I only ask because it seems like you are in contact with them currently with your support case.

I’ll try and ping Amazon again and see what they are willing to do. But as far as returning it and buying again in a few months, as I just responded with to Joel, to do so would be an additional $110, so that’s not in my top options at the moment. :grimacing:

Yeah, I didn’t think of the gift scenario, or in fairness of any potential offers.

What I suggested was mostly just my opinion, who knows what the truth is, but to me it sure does look like a crapshoot, just as you put it.

Blink staff used to comment here, but have not, almost at all, for over a year now. More recently they haven’t even responded when I have PMd specific staff members, directors even, to take a look at a particular thread, let alone respond when someone tags them in a thread.

Last PM I sent received no reply, and no reaction to the request within, so I wouldn’t hold out much hope of success if you try for that route. With what you’ve explained now, it seems the best bet is just to keep getting an extension, until Blink get their act together. If at some point they will not extend further, and there is still no answer, return, get your money back, and switch to another product, one where things are a little clearer.

Suttyblink, I appreciate the suggestions, thanks. Yeah, I think that unless Blinks steps in with any suggestions or answers, my only option is to see if Amazon will help on their end and grant another exception for extending my return date further again, or simply return it and look elsewhere.

If you don’t keep it, you’ll never know.
Its not about item cost, its the knowledge and experience you really want. I’d keep it enjoy it, sell it later if you want out.

Joel, you may be right. I do tend to change my “value” in things if I am learning and enjoying the experience. But, it is unfortunate that they can’t seem to get their message straight. That, I think, is my biggest gripe about the whole situation. Thanks for your input thought, I appreciate it.


For all we know its an experiment on Blinks end to find out will mandatory subscriptions to enable all the features of a camera…kill camera sales enough to never go through with it.

You’ll remember me as the guy that has always said this community forum is for free marketing knowledge. Amazon sucks it up and spits it out into their AWS AI platforms. That AI machine tells them what to do and not do. This forum is also free customer support provided for free by…the customers. Employees are not needed here anymore.

Joel, it appears you are fairly active in this community forum. So with that said, are you a happy customer with their product? I mean, if I can’t get answers from Blink themselves, I may, as you stated, start asking the customers for their feedback and theirs alone.

Can anyone else that is reading this string offer up some solid use case pros and cons from using the Blink platform? I understand it will depend on particular hardware and whether or not they are new customers, I suppose.

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All I have is 6 XT-1 1st generation outdoor cameras. They do work, but just kinda sorta. Temp guage not accurate, stop filming early if motion stops not accurate, motion detection not accurate, activity zones is a complete joke. Other than that they work.

Would I buy more Blink hardware - nope. What happens with this entry level home monitoring stuff is you very quickly outgrow it. You want more, better, etc. but are a cheapskate and is why most people bought Blink in the first place. Ask yourself why did you buy Blink instead of Ring?

There is literally THOUSANDS of answers to your question buried within this forum. All you have to do is spend a solid 8 hour day reading. Ask yourself, is 1 full day of reading and education worth my time before I spend hundreds of dollars on a multi-camera Blink system.

Most people wont do that amount of time, homework, research before they buy. And they sure as hell don’t want to read the owner’s manual after they buy. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 500 dollar camera system or a 50,000 dollar toy on wheels. That’s just how most humans roll.

Because the majority of people around me that have camera systems have either Blink or Ring, and both are liked, but Blink was the only option without monthly subscription, because of the option to store data locally with only a simple flash drive. So in short, trusted use cases, but unfortunately they are with the older infrastructure that I can’t replicate. I guess that’s my bad.

What did you do? Did you “outgrow” the entry level and upgrade to POE and NVR? Reolink was up their on my list as well, but as you were calling us out as humans, you forgot lazy… haha :thinking: I guess If I want to spend the next few weeks up in my attic with the addition of a few hundred more dollars in wire, switches, and tools, I guess I just solved my own problems. :grin: But all kidding aside, they need to get their stuff together.

Next for me will be Lorex brand. Power type tbd but record to my own local hard drive. Recording 24/7.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll take a look at that as well.

For all that may be wondering about this, (if any haha) Amazon has agreed to again extend my return date for another few weeks for the Blink free trial to run out on February 18 2021 (maybe?). FYI

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Does anybody have any new information to share on this subject? The date has moved AGAIN!?!?

I purchased 3 xt2 camera set in August 2020. It was activated and I got the “No monthly Fees” service for saving to the cloud.

Just like it was described on the Blink Box.

Now, my cloud account is gone and I cannot save to Sync Module 2 either.

I am well beyond the return date to Best Buy.

So perhaps Small Claims Court might get the broken promise repaired?

Blink is of no assistance.


Nope. In the TOS, it mentions arbitration. You know that document hardly anybody reads but agreed to when you created and activated your account.

What happens if you trigger a response from one of your cameras? Do you get a recording?