Frame rate?

What is the frame rate of videos recorded by XT2? Is it consistent?

The frame rate is up to 30 fps, for the XT or XT2, and is probably the same for the indoor and outdoor, but I couldn’t find that.

‘Up to’ clearly implies that it is variable, and from personal experience, I can tell you that it varies depending on many factors. Bandwidth available, full colour day time or black and white night time, and how much activity is in the frame.

Here is a video with a low bandwidth MiFi mobile data solution, with a lot of activity, and you can see that the frame rate is severely compromised. If the bandwidth had been available, I suspect it would have been fine.

On Blink FAQ page, question about Blink’s resolution, it says frame rate varies from up to 30 FPS frames per second down to 7.5 FPS in low light (night). This is obvious comparing daytime videos to night unless you have a lot of outside lights. This frame rate is auto adjusted in Blink firmware. With other brands the frame rate can be specifically adjusted in the phone app or PC software, as well as brightness, contrast and other settings. The Blink app is basic with limited settings control, but also easier to use.