Forum notification count and settings page:where is it?

I searched for how to find my account settings, couldn’t find it. Luckily when you get a thread reply the notification count appears and reveals other forum settings, but they seem hidden until you get another notification. Is this true?
edit: wait, it’s that tiny rectangle that’s hidden until you mouse over it!? omg who designed this site.

Low bidder usually wins.

I use mobile but the GUI changed a few months ago and they are hidden you have to fire out/know to clock to the right of the Search Glass/3 Lines and everything pops up.

No one from blink responds here anymore. I’ve even tried messaging @nick_at_blink a while back and haven’t heard or seen anything. With the coronavirus going on probably busy or who knows if that’s the plan to no longer monitor this forum.

The Blink staff was put in “groups” awhile back.

Click on each group to see who they are as well as their activity. Or should I say, lack of activity.