For the birds - problems and needs

The blink is a wonderful wildlife camera but has some major limitations
=> The sync module frequently goes down
=> There is no automatic upload and/or API
=> There is no timestamp
=> I want > 10 XT2s

The latter timestamp should be easy. The others too but the time is the easiest.

Doesn’t sound “wonderful” to me. If these are “must haves,” you may want to look elsewhere.

BTW, each sync supports 10 cameras. You can have multiple sync modules.

I have 2 sync modules - been 2+ years. Never had an an issue. Ever.

I have four sync modules, and 3 of them I have never had to reboot. One, in an extreme range situation, I have had to reboot maybe 3 times in two years. I put it down to the range, since my others are all fine. One gets shut down every day, overnight, in winter, due to power restrictions, and it comes back up on its own when re-powered in the morning, every single day. In spring through autumn, it is up 24/7, as they are meant to be, and never an issue. Maybe you should log a support ticket?

There is an API. Have you done any research, or even searched this forum? Arrange what you want with various user created tools/scripts. I just choose download all, as and when the mood takes me, and they are all automatically filed on my PC.

I’ve always found the filename adequate for organising.

As ceedee said, each sync module can handle 10 devices.