Foggy Cameras

I just purchased the system, and the cameras are getting very foggy overnight. I live in Florida so we have high humidity. I did a search on this forum, and I’ve seen some people build little sheds for their cameras. Is there any other solution to this that doesn’t require a visible shed? I like my cameras to be less obvious. Would something like Fog X work on the cameras?

@acasais3: Welcome to the forums. If Fog X is the same thing as Rain X, I would certainly give it a try. I’m not sure if a little shed over the cam would help for this type of problem as it’s caused by the temp difference between the lens and the hot humid air. I occasionally have this problem and have learned to live with it since I’m not able to do ladders. Keep us posted on your results with the Fog X.

Thanks for the response! Yes, it’s the same type of product as Rain X, but for Fog. I’m going to grab some today, and give it a try. I’ll give you an update soon!

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Hi - having the same “Fog” lens with on camera. We are in a very dry climate and the camera is inside. The other two are fine…just one. Thoughs?

If it’s a dry climate and inside it is probably not fogged. My guess is you have a nearby reflective surface, bouncing the IR light from the illuminator back to the camera. If so, try a different angle, pointing away from that surface, at least as a test.

Move that inside camera and retest. You’ll have your answer in 5 minutes or less.

KISS method. Do it, use it. Nobody pays you enough to do it the hard way. Keep it super simple = KISS.

Remember Blink is self install, self setup, self tweak settings. Moving a camera to confirm or deny a lens problem. Simple!