Flip camera image

surprised blink doesn’t offer this very simple software feature. can we get a feature that flips the camera view? i have to place my camera upside down as the sensor/camera isn’t centered on the product and it would be blocked where its resting.

almost all other security camera companies has this feature. its a simple software feature that would be nice to have.



And 90 degrees for long alleys. As well as full frame in portrait view.


To be fair to Blink, this device is relatively new, and development of ACTUAL improvements takes longer than typing a suggestion in a community forum. I like the three cameras I own now, and I am testing them in various conditions and situations.

I think they are a good value for the money, and I know that improvements will come with time.



January 2020 and still waiting…


I agree. I want mount my camera high on my living room wall and angle it downward about 30 degrees. However, that is apparently impossible if you also want to use a USB power cable. Changing batteries every 2 months is a hassle and the 2 year claim is a joke IMHO. I just switched to Wyze cams and am much happier now.


I’m mounting mine outside with the microusb power cord. I have to tilt mine down and the plug gets in the way of being able to rotate down all the way. I have to turn the camera upside down to get everything on footage. Please add this feature. It can’t be hard.


July 2020 and still waiting. :man_facepalming:t4:

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You’ll probably be back July 2021 with the same post! Sigh …


Yes perhaps. Given how the world is, I would hope so. Also, nothing wrong with asking for a feature, is there? I was struggling with angling my Blink camera and hopefully it will stay positioned where it should–but the feature would be very helpful.

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Wow that is such a simple request that any camera can do. Up date the firmware and send it out. Oh wait they are to busy delivering packages. Ha Ha

January 2021, please add this feature!!! I too had to mount upside down due to using a solar panel, same price as a couple of packs of lithium batteries.

For anyone tracking this thread: I’ve just noticed this is in the app now.

I can’t see it. Could you tell me how you flipped the image in the app please

Have you already turned the camera upside down?

If so, go to the controls of the mini camera and scroll down. There should be an option. I will screen shot.