Fix List for Application Updates

Many people, myself included, have been spending our time sharing our “wish lists” in the “Community Creations” forum. The Blink staff seems very receptive which is exciting. This makes me eager to see what has changed when there is an application update.

I have been a bit disappointed by the “what’s new” section of the app (at least on the Play Store). The last couple of updates have all said the same thing…

“Bug fixes and interface improvements.”

I really want to know what’s been changed and/or improved. In fact, in the latest update, I didn’t notice anything different. Maybe something was improved in an area I don’t regularly use.

In any case, I strongly believe that in order to keep the suggestions coming, release notes are a must.

I can think of an example of a company that has really upset a lot of their users…Dropbox. Not only did they stop publishing release notes but they also made the updates mandatory (it force installs with no notice). Just take a look at their forums…not pretty.

Blink…we love the product, we love the app, and we love the interaction. I just ask that you keep us informed with what bugs have been squashed and what enhancements have been made.

Thank you!



I agree that change lists for the app would be helpful. I think they have been focusing on stability and bug squashing lately so new features are taking a back seat for now. I have confidence that Blink does listen to user feedback and will add what they can to the product road map. I am willing to bet once the seecurity system launches we will see a lot of changes to the app as they will be coveting a whole new subset of customers who expect certain features that competitors already offer

Hey @SJMarty, and @A_Person,

Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you are enjoying the Community Creations category, and we really do value all the ideas thrown our way by customers. Many updates are mostly bug fixes, and sometimes there really isn’t that much info to share. Since we started the forum, we have received an immense amount of mobile app feature requests, and these have been referred to our mobile app team for discussion and eventual implementation. I recently posted some details of an android app update, and although its not extensive, it does present some larger fixes, rather than just “bug fixes.”

@A_Person makes a great point, which is that, as we develop the ideas of our customers, and roll out new products, I am confident you will see larger, more exciting changes in the app!

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These are all good points. @SJMarty @A_Person @nick_at_blink

I am s software developer(Mobile team) at Blink and yes we are currently focusing on stability, though new features are lined up.

Some features require a lot of change - On App, server and camera side, and is difficult to get it right on the first pass. For these, we mark “BETA” tag inside the app, eg - Temperature Settings inside camera settings. We usually skip mentioning these on play-store as we want a slow rollout with incremental updates.

If you are interested in the BETA program, @nick_at_blink is soon going to roll out a form for potential users.

Thanks for your support and let’s keep the community growing!



Hi @kanand90 and @nick_at_blink,

Please add me to the BATA program. Aspecially if it can benefit us at SmartThings community.

Please add me to beta program as well. @nick_at_blink @kanand90

@nick_at_blink I am also interested in being a beta tester

@nick_at_blink, feel free to add me as a beta tester also

Thank you all for your interest! I will keep you guys update as more information becomes available.

@lmosenko, @Evan, @A_Person, @gromero155

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I would also be interested in participating and helping to test new features being developed for the Blink system.

Hey @lmosenko, @Evan, @A_Person, @gromero155, @troutster,

I just wanted to update you all and let you know that the Beta App signup is now live! Check it out!

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