Find Cloud Storage

I cannot for the life of me how/where to find a place to sign up for cloud storage for my blink?

Amazon sells the blink subscription for cloud storage

I have contacted Amazon Customer support because every help article points there to sign up for the Storage Subscription. The chat rep insisted that they only deal with the Cloud Cam, and not Blink products. Does anyone know how to subscribe to the storage option?

assuming you signed up in the last 3-4 months, its free. You are automatically signed up. Did they extend it through March? Orginally it was 1-31. Not sure on the date of the free runs out.

Currently your videos are already saving to the cloud. For free.

The chat rep is not a blink tech support rep. Chat reps are often times dumber than Biden when his teleprompter goes down. You need to talk to Blink support. How to contact them is listed in the Blink mobile app.

Cloud Cam by the way is an Amazon product. Nothing to do with Blink other than the parent company is Amazon.

So how would one access the (free) cloud to view the files?

on your phone. In the app. Its called your clip roll. Every video saved from motion or live view, is saved to the cloud, automatically. If you can see clips in your clip roll, your watching them from the cloud.