Filenames of USB backups?

The names of the files up on the USB backup stick don’t appear to be in any recognisable form, with no date and time of creation. How are they to be interpreted please?

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Unless it’s changed, see the following. Give us an example, if unsure.

Hi Andrew, thanks. Can’t show you the names as I’ve now deleted them but pretty sure they didn’t follow that format or I’d have recognised it as a Time of day. If I’m right (and they were not in that obvious format) then it was almost certainly down to me!

This was my first removal of the USB stick for months and I forgot that there was a prescribed procedure to follow. I wrongly used the familiar routine of simply pulling the stick and inserting it in my PC.


Blinks support website is the owner’s manual. use the search engine like google.

Within this link is info for file name structure on those USB video clips.

How can I get the original copies

Original copies of what, your file videos on the USB memory stick? Go to the support site Joel_Ek provided. If you have deleted clips in the cloud on the app, they are gone in the cloud, Blink will not recover them. I assume you know clips you want to save can be downloaded on your phone.

I don’t think Blink provides printed manuals. None came with the Blink cams I bought, just a quick start guide. These days a lot of products no longer come with paper manuals, people download them online. As Joel_Ek said the support site IS the owners manual. You could print pages from there if you want.

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Yup no original paper copy of owner’s manual exists anymore as it went to the online version. Way back in the beginning of Blink’s history, there was a PDF file that I downloaded for an owner’s manual. However, the Blink products and mobile app have changed many times since then. So that PDF file I have is now worthless.

Regarding original copies of your video clips, they are in the cloud on Blink servers. You can use the share button in mobile app to send yourself a copy of a particular video file. That was and still is your method for backing up important video clips. Your plan B for backup is using sync module 2 with a usb thumb drive. Sync module 1 does not support usb thumb drives.