Features required to make this a competitive system

I currently have a Piper system with far more features and functionality, but am trying out the Blink system due to outdoor need (not offered by Piper)

Please let me know when each of these features will be available on my current system (outdoor cameras).

  1. MUST ADD pan and zoom features. Current video is way too small to identify anyone without zoom.
  2. MUST incorporate siren into each camera natively. Adding sirens that must be triggered manually adds additional expense and defeats the purpose of an alarm system!
  3. Push notifications via text, phone, and email. Currently if my ringer is off I don’t hear the notice.
  4. Need a better viewing portal to see at least 4 cameras at once (split screen into 4).
  5. Need a more robust wireless path. One of my cameras barely has 1 bar yet is only about 25’ from the module.
  6. Need a better way to activate each camera selectively.

Most of this stuff has been asked for in one thread or a other. Now that blink was acquired by Amazon they’re going to be even more tight lipped about a roadmap of features and new hardware/ devices. Just going to have to wait and see.

As far as wifi I’d look into possibly upgrading your wifi network. I had 2 bars sometimes 1 going to a XT about 45ft away. I bought a new netgear nighthawk router and now get 4 bars consistently.


Thanks for the quick reply!

If they can’t get the pan and zoom working, the product has little use.

The siren is also a must for a true security system. Inconceivable that no siren is included native to each camera.

Push notification by email, phone and text are also table stakes in my security world. Not much use if I don’t get the message… especially if I have to manually activate my alarm!!! WOW!

Thanks for the suggestion, but my wifi network has already been upgraded!

Wonder if anyone from the company will address these issues before I return the system and purchase another Piper!?!?

Thanks, Dom

Respectfully, I couldn’t disagree more.

That may very well be true in your case. But there are so many IP cameras that don’t have PTZ functionality, and yet they are a very effective component of surveillance systems in homes and commercial spaces around the world.

As @Estpaul mentioned, they have very explicitly stated recently that they will not answer questions re: product feature roadmaps as amazon simply doesn’t allow it.

Also please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Piper camera intended to be plugged in all the time (with backup batteries only for temporary power outages)? And videos saved to the cloud are no longer available after 7 days right?

Different things work for different people. :grin:

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