Feature request - different daytime/nightime sensitivity modes

I have been playing with the sensitivity settings on my cameras and have noticed that if I set them to the correct sensitivity for daytime, then they are not sensitive enough for night time use, picking up just about nothing.

Conversely, if I leave the cameras on ‘nighttime’ sensitivity where they pick up people walking past my house then they go off all.day.long. Seriously, I get dozens of clips from each camera.

If possible, I would like to see different sensitivity modes set either manually, or have the daytime mode automatically attenuated from the nighttime baseline.

Right now, I just don’t bother switching the cameras on during the day, which is not how I had intended to use them.


BLINK NERDS!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…I too would really appreciate the ability to have different sensitivity settings for day vs. night. Maybe even the ability to setup multiple different sensitivity schedules. Hopefully not too much to ask…but I want it all :grin:. Come on I dare you to make this happen. Thank you!


+1 for this feature!


Agree. Would like to schedule sensitivity for all cameras. Wouldn’t necessarily need to be for individual cameras, just higher sensitivity at a preset time. I Pretty much leave them armed all the time.

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I’m in for this feature also. It would be so much nicer to have the ability to save daytime sensitivity and have it automatically switch to a saved nighttime sensitivity at dusk :grin:

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