Extending Sync Range

Hello, Have to say we love our Blink system. Want to see it grow and improve… !!! On to the subject. Has anyone added an external Antenna to Blink SYnc box? I’d like to extend the range of my sync module so I can push it a little further from the Wifi A/P. I know the cams need talk to the Wifi as well. My assumption is that the sync box talks to the A/P just as the cams do… ( via wifi) so any external antenna for the cams to sync would also increase the sync to Wifi…

PS Blink keep it up this is pretty cool stuff… especially for the $$$. THANK YOU!

The sync modules use a low-power radio signal to talk to the cameras…not WiFi. Sync modules are good for ~100’ from a camera, but be aware of distance from router.

Cameras and sync use WiFi to talk to router.
Sync modules use low-power radio to talk to cameras.