Extending coverage across a large property - ideas?

I’m buying a house on 5 acres and there’s a workshop about 300’ from the house where I’m very sure wifi isn’t going to reach. Any ideas for a reasonable method to get wifi out there and get my cameras to work? Thanks!

Ur best bet is to run ethernet cable out there. You could also use a line of sight radio, but it costs a LOT more.

Check into trail cameras. Or Reolink makes a camera that works over cellular data not wifi but it only works with certain companies. There are no cheap reasonable solutions for what you want.

Look for a waterproof (or provide enclosures) WiFi mesh network. With trees estimate 50 meter range between camera to node. Of course these things need power.

Alternatively, if you can add mobile phone lines cheaply and you have reception, you can use mobile hotspots to connect each sync module. Given your area, you will need more than one hotspot/sync module combination.