Error: command failed to complete

Won’t let me add a camera. I have 2 xt2 cameras outside. Trying to add 2 regular ones inside.

Welcome to the forums! I’ve run into the same problem. What worked for me was to sit right beside the router and then the cams would add. Then put them where you want and they will work fine. Let us know how you make out!

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I had the same error. I tried all the tips found here and elsewhere.
In my case i had to add the mac adress from the sync module and camera into the mac filter of my router.

Hi, I have this issue but your suggestion did not work. Any other idea? Thank you

Welcome to the forums! You could try unplugging the sync module, wait 15 seconds and replug. You could do a hard reset of the sync module by pressing the reset switch (little hole next to the usb port) with a paper clip. You could try removing the batteries from the cam, wait 10 seconds and put them back in. If these all fail I suggest you contact tech support. Good luck and let us know how you make out!

So my all my Blink systems failed a month ago after running seamlessly for a couple years. I ended up removing all systems and readding to my account via the Blink app. Sync module connected up fine but the cameras wouldn’t, presenting this very issue.
Thanks to all for the contributions on this thread and a few others here in the forums, unfortunately like the OP, they all failed for me and I reached out to Blink support who ended up fobbing me off due to warranty being expired on my cameras. Quite appalling really…as I am adament this was caused by wobbly firmware.
Nevertheless, in the spirit of sharing, I stumbled on another ridiculous solution to this problem.
I tried:

  • Restarting camera
  • Restarting sync module
  • Restarting router
  • Removing camera
  • Parking myself and the devices right next to the router
  • Switched WiFi channels
  • Tried another WiFi network entirely
  • Rolling back firmware on sync module
  • Trying all manner of reset button combinations on module and camera
  • Changed batteries
  • Hardwired camera
  • Sobbed a little
  • Cursed Blink
  • Cursed Amazon
  • Confirmed network was excellent with RouteThis and Blink support
  • Cleared app caches
  • Reinstalled app
  • Verified discrepancies in firmware versions on module and cameras

After Blink support fobbed me off, and I was resigned to binning the system off, not wanting to be defeated I had one last go, thinking outside the box with the intention of selling the system. What would happen if I sold the system to another party and they had the same issue? Wasn’t going to do that decided to test that very scenario.

So here’s what I did to test and eventually resolve.

  1. Remove module from system and account in Blink app
  2. Created a secondary Blink account
  3. Connected the module to that
  4. Connected camera to module - It worked! At this point the camera received a firmware update
  5. Tested all camera functionality in secondary account. All good
  6. Removed camera from new account
  7. Removed module from new account
  8. Removed system from new account for good measure
  9. Logged back into my original Blink account on the App
  10. Added module
  11. Added camera
  12. Tested. All functional

Rinse repeat for other failing cameras and I was up and running again. Terrible method to fix but it worked. Might keep the secondary account live for future troubleshooting in case this or something similar happens again.

May well help someone else who comes across this thread as I did.

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Thanks Gozadaman, your list of steps looked very promising to me having the same problem. Sadly, even with a newly created Blink account, my module simply would not recognize my “problem camera” in your “step 4”. Dang. So, now I’m stuck with a bricked XT-2 that is only about 18 months old… simply because its batteries became depleted and I waited about two weeks before changing them. It sure would be nice to know what the root cause of the problem is and how to avoid it. You may be right about it being the firmware. I’m certainly going to replace the batteries at the FIRST sign of them becoming low. But, from what I’ve seen, I won’t get much notice… the batteries seem to aways report “OK” and only report something else within 2 weeks of dying and rendering a bricked camera.