Error code 1011

I received an error code 1011 while trying to access and turn on my system. I’ve never had this problem before. Does anyone have a clue what that refers to. Thanks in advance

Judging by the top of your phone screen, you have extremely weak network connectivity, at that particular moment of the screenshot.

Probably just a transient thing, and will resolve. Even if it’s normally good, your network carrier could have the tower on low power for maintenance. That or similar can happen.

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The cell signal strength is low on your phone
The battery is low on your phone
The battery is low on your front door camera

Then using this community forum’s search function, I found this


Good eye. Yes I was in a poor signal area hence that’s why I was able to connect once I got home. And I’ve been meaning to change that battery on the one camera, I just need a ladder to get to it.
Thanks everyone for the great advice.
I think I can rest assured that everything is working fine.

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