Endless spinning and network request failed on setup

I’m having a miserable time getting my first Mini set up. The app (on iOS) spins endlessly on everything I try to do. Initially it was after scanning the QR code, but after enough attempts, I got by that. Then it did the same thing trying to create a System. Then when I FINALLY got by that, I couldn’t Discover the Mini. I was standing right next to it with the green LED on and the blue one flashing with a full WiFi signal. I’m getting a “Network request failed” message.

When that fails, it’s rinse and repeat from the beginning.

Anybody know what might be going on?


There have been reports of server issues.
Perhaps that?

Apparently. It took me about 45 minutes of adamant trying and retrying to finally get everything I needed to do done. Even things like Discover weren’t working, which made no sense.