Enable Just 1 of 5 camera's

It would be fantastic if for example, it were possible to enable just 1, 2, 3 or 4 of a 5 camera system.
I am new to ‘Blink’ and I’ve not been able to separately enable any one camera, that is, if it is at all possible.

It is possible. Ensure the entire system is armed, and then disable motion on all cameras that you are not interested in.

Press the blue running man, to turn it grey, or go into each camera’s settings, and disable motion. Each achieves the same thing.

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You can arm/disarm individual cameras using the ‘running man’ icon.
With system armed you will notice a ‘blue running man’ symbol top right for each camera. Click this symbol and it turns grey, effectively disarming that particular camera.

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Top Man… Thanks

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Top Man Thanks