Embedded date/time stamps in videos

I think adding an option for embedded date/time stamps in videos would be useful especially when submitting videos to law enforcement


That’s a great idea - definitely something we could look into for a future update. I think it would be nice to keep this optional for the users who may not want a time stamp on their videos.

We love hearing new suggestions from you guys - keep it up!


I’d love this feature too!


I can’t imagine why anyone would NOT want this. Law enforcement won’t accept clips as evidence without them, as I have found out through personal experience.


@patgperry is absolutely correct. Law enforcement requires date and time watermarked on video so it cannot be edited after the fact. Same is true, so I hear, for the courts. @nick_at_blink @Ben_at_Blink please prioritize this! Our video clips are useless for security and legal purposes without the time and date.


This definitely needs more traction. Blink please prioritize this feature


Please add the embedded date and time stamps. They are essential for security, since the clips are not admissible as evidence without them. If you want to make it an optional toggle, so users who only want a pet cam, wildlife and view cam, or cute baby cam can turn it off and keep a pristine video, that’s of course quite cool.


Any update n this feature?

Was requested in July still nothing further forward? I’d say it’s a good request as well especially if law requires it?

What happens if it obscures the face your wanting though? Could it be switched on/off or moved etc?

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How about a progress report? Or, will further development be deferred to Amazon due to the acquisition?

Hi @patgperry,

I think a progress report of some sort would be a great idea! Not sure how amazon acquisition could affect this, but all your ideas are still welcome and noted by our team!

Sorry, I didn’t word that clearly. My question is, will more resources be made available for development due to the acquisition? From my own experience in mergers and acquisitions, I know this can work both ways; e.g. resources for IT support and development.

Ooo, sorry for the misunderstanding! I’m not entirely sure, but it seems likely that more information will become available over the next couple months since the acquisition just occurred a few days ago!

I was thrilled with the news!

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It’s not really needed since the file has the time on it

Incorrect…file names can easily been manipulated…embedded time stamps in videos …not so much. This is a needed feature.


Yes, it is needed. I have verified this with law enforcement.

Another vote for this incredibly necessary feature.

chiming in for this much needed feature. even if the timestamp is embedded within the file metadata that may still be modified.