Echo show 5/8 not showing live view from blink cameras

Hopefully someone can help me 're my blink cameras and echo show problem.
I have 4 x Blink xt2 cameras and two mini usb cameras that are working fine,however if I ask my “echo show 5” or my “echo show 8” to show any of them the same reply comes back “the camera is not responding”.I have contacted Amazon who very helpful and sent a reconditioned echo 8 and they went through all the registration etc,uninstall the Alexa app,uninstall the blink cameras etc,reset the echo but to no avail.They then sent a brand new Echo 8 which did show the live view for 30 minutes for all the cameras as I selected them but later in the day when I thought the problem was solved the same message “camera is not responding” was uttered for any of the cameras that I selected !! The other confusing issue is when I ask the system to view a camera on either of the echo 5 or 8 it doesn’t display it however it does record the clips for future viewing which isn’t very helpful when I need to see them at that moment in time.I have checked with the live view from all the cameras and they will be instantly displayed on my Fire tablet,mobile phone or my Echo spot which is very strange.
For reference the blink module is approximately 2 feet from my router,and the echo 8 another 2 feet from that,all the blink x2 cameras are showing batteries ok and camera to wifi full strength and camera to sync module full strength,the echo 5 and echo dot are located in other areas of the property.I have also disconnected the echo 8 ,echo 5 and echo spot individually so only one is working at a time but it doesn’t make any difference.
Having spoken via phone to a blink representative for nearly an hour who went through all the process of uninstalling and registering account again he has suggested it wasn’t a blink problem as the cameras are working but more a Amazon echo show problem,however with two new echo 8 and the Amazon representative saying its a Blink problem i thought the easiest way to try and sort this out and hopefully get a solution would be to ask the “hands on members” of the Community Forum.

Thank you

I have two echo show 8s and two blink mini. They were working fine until there was an update yesterday to both echo show 8s. I have done the same steps as you without success. Hopefully the issue is a bug in the update that will be rectified.

Hi, I’am sorry to hear that you have a similar problem,but hopefully someone who can,will and do will come to our rescue and resolve it asap as I doubt we will be the only ones experiencing this problem.

Try your camera on saver quality and see if the does anything

Hi,thank you for suggestion,I have put all the cameras into saver quality mode and tried again but to no avail on the two echo show’s, however the clips are being recorded for future in the blink app, if I ask the fire tablet,echo spot or phone all the cameras appear as I select them so some what annoying !!
Thank you for your help.

I have the same problem but only one echo show 8 and one blink mini. Both are brand new, I have tried deleteing the cam in blink app and also disabling skill in alexa app and enabling/linking blink app again. I also set the cam to ‘saver’ and all that does is make the video quality in the blink app terrible.
The echo show 8 when asked alexa show the front door just says the same messages OP was getting. It says waiting for blink and then hmm the camera is not responding.
Oh, I also tried factory resetting the echo show 8 and unplugging it and plugging it back in (the blink mini too)

Hi, sorry to hear you are experiencing the same problem, hopefully someone somewhere will be able to guide us to a solution asap as I doubt we are the only ones with this problem in the whole wide world.

Hello all!

I’m new here and have just set up my new Blink Mini which is connected to my Alexa Device network.

Regarding issues relating to live view via an Echo 5, I found that my Echo 5 was unable to connect to my camera due to a ‘camera not responding’ message from Alexa. My other three ‘Show’ devices did not have any problems connecting, once I had enabled the correct Amazon account (initially two were set to my wife’s account!).

I found that if I deleted the camera via the Blink app and then added it (again) as a new camera, live streaming via the Echo 5 was possible until I starting changing the settings and saving them. I traced the issue to the microphone enable/disable setting. With the microphone disabled, the camera would not respond to my command of ‘Show Camera’ via the Echo 5, resulting in the ‘camera not responding’ message.

Is there an official bug reporting facility or will this problem be picked up via the moderators of this forum?

Loving my camera so far, apart from the time spent wracking my brains regarding this issue of course. :wink:

Hope the above solution to my own issue helps someone else. :+1:t3::blush:

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The microphone setting in the camera?

I have a show, but have never even tried, because it’s on a different account to my other Alexa devices, and I’m not sure I can even be bothered trying to get to the bottom of how to sync them to both, or to link the accounts.

Anyway, might help many, if they also had the camera mic disabled, if that’s the place you were referencing.

A great big thank you ,I have always had all my microphones turned off and until the other day they all worked fine until my glitch occurred.On your suggestion I turned them on and the echo show 5 and 8 work fine now,I think there must me a software problem that needs sorting out for all blink users.
Thanks again.

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Hi,thank you for your suggestion,as all my microphones were turned off I turned them on and the echo show 5 and 8 show the relevant cameras when I ask them.I therefore think there must be a software issue somewhere but unsure if it’s blink ,echo show or a combination of the two!!
Thanks for your help.


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It wasn’t me, it was hartzpartz, but you already had him covered. Either way, glad to hear his suggestion has helped.

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No problem! Really hope that Blink can find a fix for this bug soon. :+1:t3:

I had the same problem and issues connecting my Echo Show 5’s and Echo Show 8’s with the Blink Mini’s. I must have spent 20 hours with Blink tech support and Amazon (Echo Show) support, and they could not help me. They would only offer me replacements of all my Echo Show devices and replacements of my Blink Mini cameras. I was getting messages like “um, the camera isn’t responding”, or “Um, I’m not quite sure what went wrong”. I don’t think they know what problem they have, or what the solution is.
But I finally figured out the solution on my own, after about 40 hours. The issue is a combination of problems with Blink, Amazon (Echo) and the setup phone. I am waiting for Blink or Amazon to contact me to discuss offering them my solutions, which I spent a great deal of time and effort on. But I finally have the complete solution… no thanks to Blink or Amazon. But it is amazing that Amazon has combo specials of Echo 5 and Echo 8 devices with Blink Mini’s and knowing they won’t work unless you make very technical tweaks. I am waiting to hear back from Blink and/or Amazon to show them the code to make things work. But for now, I imagine there are thousands of frustrated people who have bought the combo purchases from Amazon… especially when they won’t work (most of the time).

Hi,so to hear that you have experienced the same problems as myself 're echo show,blink minis and x2 cameras.I have spoken and had “tickets” raised by blink but as you confirmed the solution was never solved by them.Amazon supplied replacements of the echo show 8 and yet again the same old instructions of do this do that were to no avail.
I totally agree that there is a problem with blink / Amazon comparability which they need to look into asap and correcting it for all parties (especially the paying side).
The solution in my case was to arm the camera microphones as suggested in an earlier post by a fellow community member,as such all the cameras now work but this isn’t what I want in their various locations.However if you have a code or a more permanent solution that a layman like myself can do to have a sound free camera could you please supply it so that fellow members can gain from all your time/effort.
The sellers of both these items (Amazon owns both) should be aware that courtesy,respect and communication to any customer trouble shooting for them should be one of the top priorities to save wasted time for both parties.
Thanks again for your input and hopefully a speedy solution will be given by the sellers.



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Hi,thanks for your suggestion 're this,I changed mine to the “on” position after a fellow community member suggested it and all my cameras are working fine now by voice command.
However the glitch in the echo or blink system needs addressing by the sellers to enable myself and no doubt other users to have a working system to be adjusted to their own personal requirements in different locations which it doesn’t do at the moment.
Looking at the earlier post by “southerndog” he apparently has found the cause / remedy which hopefully Amazon / Blink will investigate and update their systems for all their customers.
Thanks for your help.


Quick update regarding the above post on compatibility problems between Echo show and blink camera’s.
This is a copy of the email that I received today and my answer, basically it means sit back and wait until an undetermined time of their choice !!

Hi Ian,

The Blink and Alexa team are still looking for a fix on that issue. The issue will be probably fixed on the next Echo Show firmware update.

We do appreciate you for choosing Blink as your home security provider. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach us back at (781) 332-5465 (US) +44 1158 384189 (EU) or through and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Hi Roland.

Thanks for your email 're this issue,could you give any indication of a “time window” of when the next Echo show firmware update will happen?
I assume i am not the only person who has experienced this glitch in the system a speedy remedy would be appreciated by everyone to enable us to modify it to their own personal requirements.


Hi Ian,

We apologized there is no estimated date and time when the issue will be fixed. However, Blink engineers and Alexa engineers are working hard to resolve the issue.

We do appreciate you for choosing Blink as your home security provider. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach us back at (781) 332-5465 (US) +44 1158 384189 (EU) or through and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Blink Technical Support

Hotline Number: +1 781-332-5465
My Office Hours: 10:00 PM - 7:00 AM EST, Sunday-Thursday

Hopefully it won’t be too long for all users of this system.

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For some time I had the same problem on echo show 8 and my two echo show 5 with 2 Blink XT2 and 2 new Blink. Alexa made me constantly repeated after having asked her “Show me the cam X” and answered me “Excuse me, which device?” in addition to answering me “humm the camera does not answer”
I turned the cam sound back on and everything is working fine but I don’t like the sound to be on.

Hopefully a quick update

Question : Do you know if there is a french forum for Blink

Depuis quelque temps, j’avais le même problème sur echo show 8 et mes deux echo show 5 avec 2 Blink XT2 et 2 Blink nouvelle. Alexa me faisait constament repeté apres lui avoir demandé “Montre moi la cam X” et me repondait “Excusez moi, quel appareil?” en plus de me repondre “humm la camera ne répond pas”
J’ai remis le son de la cam et tout fonctionne bien mais je n’aime pas que le son soit activé.

Esperons une mise a jours rapide


Hi Richard,
Sorry to hear that you have experienced similar problems to myself,the switching “on” of the microphone is the only solution that I am aware of.However in an earlier post by “southerndog” he said he had found a solution and was awaiting Amazon / Blink to contact him so it will be interesting to see an update.
Personally I think it is a Amazon echo 5 / 8 “glitch” as my system works fine with the microphones off with the Echo dot and Fire tablet.
We will just have to wait and see when the two manufacturers sort this out for the paying customers.
Regarding your question relating to a French forum for blink I am unaware of one but fellow community members might take up the challenge and help you.