Early notifications won't stop when turned off

I already owned a two indoor blink system when I bought a 2 camera xt2 package with sync mod. Not needing two systems at the present, I installed the (2) xt2’s to the sync module the indoors cameras are on. With the original indoor cams no having it, I tried the “Early Notifications” on the xt2’s. They worked and I appreciated having it when I need it. But not needing it on constantly due to my dogs constant activity in the backyard, I turned both Early Notification buttons on the xt2’s off but continue getting the early notifications. How can I disable them from continuing to notify me when they are turned off?

Was hoping there was an answer to this because I’m having the same issue. When I first set the cameras up I didn’t have early notifications on, so I know the cameras work properly. I turned them on to see what it would be like and now it continues to give me notifications even though I shut it off. It’s a very annoying since I live on a busy street and at night the headlights and shadows are triggering the notifications

Early notifications doesn’t turn on or off notifications, it only alters the timing of the notification. With it on, as soon as motion begins to record, it notifies you. With it off, it waits until the recording is complete, before it notifies you.

Go into the app, choose the settings gear icon. Choose the section on notifications, and in there you will find one for motion. Disable it there.

It might be worth mentioning you will find the notification section in Account settings