Early notifications for the rest of the world


The early notifications update that was launched in December last year, hasn’t been rolled out to other countries as yet. Is there a plan to do this? What is the timescale and will it be rolled out in one go, or phased in for different countries?

Sorry for the impatience, but it’s a feature I was expecting from day one of purchasing my Blink cameras so have been waiting years for this.

The last few posts around early notifications just say it’s probably going to be rolled out “soon” to other territories / countries. Any updated information on this would be appreciated by customers who haven’t received this feature yet.



Last I heard, they were perfecting the doorbell first. In all honesty, it’s obvious Blink efforts went into capturing more sales dollars via the indoor mini camera and sync module version 2. Remember Amazon is the parent company. ROI for Amazon investors is a big monster to constantly feed.

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Quality! :rofl:


Dear Blink

Stop beta testing your products with us… for 3 years now we have been asking for early notifications and ability to schedule cameras individually. How about an informed answer to both of these questions? I appreciate this isnt the best time to ask (cov19…) but hopefully enough of the dev team are currently working from home and could put their minds to it. It is basically a software issue!

Check here and look at the last time Blink employees logged into this community forum.

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As and when they are available. You’re reply made no sense. Why even reply unless virtue signalling. Examine your life pal. When ever there is a real person available to make a reply plz do so

Dude you can wish in one hand and crap in the other. See which one fills up first. It wont be your wish list. You joined 4 hours ago. Your not even in Kindergarten yet. When you get a couple years of daily experience around here, check back with me.

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Tune in tomorrow for another episode of “As The Blink Turns”

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You know me well.


Looks like early notifications function has arrived in the UK. Saw the option for it on my Blink XT2 cameras yesterday, seems to work just as expected.

Thank you.


Updated to the latest software this morning, checked settings and saw Early Notifications, joy! Clicked select only to see it disappear, what a tease :frowning:

Ah BULLSHIT. It’s the perfect time! How long does it fuc";: take?

Sorry I’m pissed off because they aren’t working for crap. Not at all happy.