Early notification (Beta)

Hi @thomasoes

Are you sure we are talking about same option?
Please see below link for specific details.

No. I dont have early notification yet in UK


I’m in the UK and I have it.


I do too, as of last couple of days, or so. :+1:

Kept checking my phone all day yesterday and last night I had the early notification feature :cool:

early notification doing nothing on mine .Car just past front window and parked up and I got an alert when it was parked :frowning_face:

Working “as expected” for me. It has reduced the notification time from 20-25 secs to 5-7; which theoretically will give you time to catch postman waiting on door or similar.

Hope that helps.

Well mine seems to be working fine now and I must say what a massive improvement to the system.I expect battery life will shorten but thats a small price to pay.Well done Blink :+1:

Good to hear!. In my opinion, battery life shouldnt be affected as only change is when the system is notifying you; sooner rather than later. But too early to say just now :slight_smile:

I agree with Hispany, in that the total number of activities the camera performs per motion detection event will be the same. It’s only going to be from the server end that there will be a difference. Previously, the server pushed out the notification when the clip finished uploading. Now, it pushes out the notification as soon as it begins to receive the clip, and the camera has done nothing different, at least as far as I can see.

You are both right of course it was me having a senior moment :clown_face:

Mostly likely Early Notification does use a little extra power, because instead of sending one message consisting of the video to the base, now it sends one message for the notification and then after the video is done recording, the video is sent. So a little more power to initialize two separate communication events.

But I’m hopeful the extra power needed is not that great.

I don’t see why it would be any different. It only has to send the video to the Blink cloud, just as it did before. Blink now pushes out the notification to your device, from their server, as soon as it starts receiving video, instead of after it finishes. Same number of activities, just with slightly different timing.

The Blink Camera records when it detects motion. After the recording stops it sends the video to the base station for upload to Blink servers. That is why you are notified of motion only after the video has stopped recording. So there is just one communication event with the camera. M

Now, with Early Notification, a signal is sent to the base when motion is first detected. After the video is done recording, the video is sent to the base. That means Blink has to initialize two different communication events. Therefore, there is a little more overhead.

Again, hopefully the additional overhead is not that great so as to be a problem.

Videos never go to the base station, not ever. It’s even possible to make a video without a sync module, under certain test conditions. I know, because I’ve done it.

Not how it works.