Dumb question: How can I find my synch module?

My system was working fine until I replaced my router. Of course, I know that I have to reset my synch module to make the system work again but the problem is I cannot find the module! I have searched high and low in all the outlets i can think of with no luck. Is there any other method of finding or resetting remotely? Any signally technique or what ever? I am desperate.

Welcome to the forums ! You can select the sync module at the bottom of your preview pix. Then select the option to switch the module to a different system. How many outlets do you have in your house that you can’t find the sync module? LOL

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I guess I will have to buy a second synch module to be able to switch it like that. Yeah, inside on the lower floor I counted 45 and I obviously am missing at least one. I am pretty sure i did not mount it in the second floor as it would have been too far from the cameras. You don’t know how many times I have searched.

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Turn breakers off. When Blink goes offline due to power cut at sync module, you’ll norrow down 45 outlets to just a,few. Makes a huge assumption the legend on the breaker door box is accurate.

Remember in all of this, keep it simple. You don’t get paid enough to do it the hard way.


I took the coward:s way out. I reset up my old router making it a secondary to the new one and the synch module came back up on its own. I still do not know where it is but it is working. :slight_smile:



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It seems odd that you don’t know where the module is in YOUR system, but perhaps someone else installed it.

Maybe a good search in the DARK might help you locate it.

Selecting a good location for the module requires 2 things - a convenient power suppy, and a good Wi-Fi signal to/from the router and each device.

In my case, I have 6 outdoor cameras. After testing several locations, I found that my attic above my garage provided the best all around signal for all my devices. I was concerned about the heat issue, but it cruised right through last summer, in the Southeast!!

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Yes, I know it seems strange. I installed it several years ago and I had to move the module several times as I added cameras to the system. I have not had to get back the the module in a couple of years. It always recovered from power outages. However, now I have had to replace my router. Normally this would mean having to go to the module and reset it to the new router. Since I cannot find it , I instead set up my old router as a secondary to the new and voila, the system came back on line and all is well with the world. If course there will probably be a time when i do have to access it so I sporadically look for it still. :slight_smile: I will try it in the dark.:slight_smile: thanks.

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I just changed the ssid and password of my new router to that of my old router, and everything connected without changing any of them, including printers, smart plugs and switches and all Blink items.

Stop being a party pooper! I want to imagine @JoeBeach walking around his house in the dark looking for 2 tiny lights coming from a sync module! HAHAHA!

This thread just tickles me!