Dual Camera Recordings

Vehicle broken into - Camera 1 started recording correctly however, camera 2 with direct view of thiefs didn’t record seconds after cam 1 started. Is it normal when 2 cameras trigger seconds apart the latter will not record?

What happened when you tried out that situation after you installed the cameras? I ask this as most people try out their cameras just after installing them to confirm everything is working correctly. The installer plays the role of the bad guy.


After looking through clips of a 2nd system at another location, 2 cameras DID record simultaneously. 1 starting about 15 sec before the 2nd picked up. Guessing I answered my question with that…now to figure out why that wasn’t the case on the other system… Appreciate the response - hadn’t thought to check our other system.

I currently have three cameras set-up in just my kitchen, to keep an eye out for mice. Caught the first one, and so far so good, but, if ever I go in whilst the system is armed, forgetting to disarm it, I get simultaneous recordings from all three cameras, albeit with slightly different start times, as I wander around. All are set for 30 seconds, end clip early set to off, so they most certainly overlap.

So, the answer is yes, it should, but there are a myriad of reasons as to why you may have only got a recording from one. Limited bandwidth, bad WiFi signal, poor positioning, relative to motion of the perp, different settings, different angle, and on and on.

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That about sums it up - looks like i need to do some better testing and placement for nighttime movement… Appreciate the response

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In all of this, don’t assume the different models and generations of cameras will act the same. Test out your own equipment, modify camera position, app settings, note results. Only after you’re happy, then go live. Before live, it’s simply a dress rehearsal. A live performance will fail if dress rehearsal was never completed successfully. Sadly Blink never tells you this. Going through all these extra steps kills the super easy mom can do it sales pitch.

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