Drilling into Brick ..Drill Bit Size

Hi…I just received my 3 cameras. I need to mount 2 into siding/soffit and 1 into brick. Does anyone know what size drill bit to use…and would i be better off buying the camera mounts sold by Blink on Amazon? The coverage area on the mounts on the factory direct cameras are very small coverage area

Typically for brick and concrete, you would drill a hole, and insert an anchor. Look for an anchor with an ID of the Blink screw. The instructions will tell you what size bit you’ll need for the anchor hole. Note that brick is quite difficult to drill into (I use a hammer drill). Of course, the hole is permanent.

I suggest alternate means, especially if you’re not 100% sure of the location. Search the forum for adhesion suggestions.

With the 3 cameras is the mounts. Simply stick a drill bit into the plastic plate with the mount holes. Pick the one that fits. I don’t recall anybody detailing the exact size they used. Figure masonary and siding you’ll want screw plugs so go with the drill size needed for those screw plugs.

Below is xt-2 mount info from Blink. The size drill bit to use is not detailed. Let common sense prevail.

Sugru sticks to brick. I had a cam on brick for a summer and winter. Took cam down. Sugru is still there. Been too lazy to remove it with a wire brush.