Download images from camera

I have a blink xt camera, is there any way to download images from the camera. Videos arnt a problem but can’t find how to receive an image.


Assuming how do you download a live image or live video. Nothing in software allows you to do this. Live image/video is for setting up each camera. It’s also for confirming a camera still works.

The entire system is EVENT driven recording. Those recordings you can download via the share option.

Ok thanks , thats a shame. Surely images are much higher detail than video for identification purposes.

Get the video from the Blink cloud onto a screen MUCH bigger than your phone. Use the share choice, email the video to your laptop/computer. Using that much bigger screen, you will probably be able to make out details for identification purposes.

If you have a tablet, put the blink app on that. You can use Blink on many devices with just your one existing account. Simply login via same user name and password. A tablet is a large screen good enough to identify faces, license plates, etc.

Be advised and expect frustration that your video captures everything perfectly except the good little detail you are looking for to nail someone. Welcome to security cameras. This happens will all the brands.

Just use your phone and take a screenshot if that’s what your asking.

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This works, I did this once.

Problem is with a few cameras the image is small on screen. Is there a way of making it full screen?

If you play a recorded video on your phone in full screen, take a screenshot while the video is playing. Now you have a full screen still image. On an iPhone you press the power and hone buttons simultaneously, I’m sure android phones have a similar function.

See this post for an example:

I guess that’s a way around it. Hope they introduce a way of just downloading a high detail still frame rather than having to go through these methods.


It’s a workaround, no doubt. But it does work.

This is definitely odd and unexpected. I just set up my first Blink camera last night and am trying it out. I like that there’s a little snapshot button, however i’d love to be able to see that picture at full rez instead of just the little third of a window it normally shows.


Quick solution for now, would be to take a screenshot with your phone and pinch to enlarge and pinch to decrease. Great Ideal!! I would also like the feature but until then I hope this helps?

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flloyd, i appreciate the reply, but the problem with that is you’re just zooming a tiny screenshot. What we really need is:
a) the full rez image
b) the ability to save the image right from the app

i’d call ‘a’ a must-have, ‘b’ a nice-to-have


I just can’t believe these products don’t have such a basic feature

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