"DOWNLOAD ALL" Option - Come on Blink!

Others have asked for it, and still nothing. Add a function so we can download all video clips in one shot. It’s a pain in the butt to download large numbers of clips one at a time. It’s now 2019… tons of programmers available who can add this feature in - in a matter of 30 minutes. Do it.


Why do you want something you didn’t purchase?

Blink could add features but for over a year, I have yet to find a single person that is willing to pay for additional features and benefits.


Do you work for Blink in any way?

Blink staff members have an icon that looks like a shield next to their forum avatar picture. Like in the screenshot below.

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Nope. But I agree with you, they should pay me. I’m sure I’ll get my check soon. But I’m torn at which one is going to arrive first, the Blink Doorbell or my check.

Actually I already got paid. Due to a shipping error and an Office Space meeting with the Bobs, I received an extra camera no charge. Then there’s the endless hours of entertainment this community forum provides which of course is priceless.

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What, priceless because you automatically assume, just because someone asks for something that isn’t already there, they didn’t do their homework, and must therefore somehow expect to be disappointed or at least have no grounds for complaint when they are? If you weren’t implying this here, you have stated it sufficiently often such that it’s not unreasonable for me to have come to this conclusion.

I did my homework, knew what I was letting myself in for, and am happy with my choice. It was the only available system that could meet my needs. That is not to say that there aren’t several things that would improve my experience, considerably, and no, I don’t want to have to pay for them, but that is not to say I wouldn’t, if the price was appropriate.

Download all would be nice, but then again download all via a web browser would be even nicer.

Having said that, as a result of work done by someone else, I have ‘download all’ to PC available, as others could, if they knew about it or chose to use it, if they already know.

If download all to PC is of use Drummer, let me know, and I’ll dig up the info, and would be happy to help you with any issues you may have, either here or via PM.




One of Blink’s biggest problems is the entire system runs on a mobile app. Mainstream mobile apps get free upgrades on a regular basis. As such, Blink users/owners expect free upgrades on a regular basis. This is a thorn in Blinks side. Always has been, always will be.

What people forget is there are a bunch of apps on your phone/tablet that are not mainstream. Those non mainstream apps do not get upgrades. Clock, calculator, contacts, calendar, camera, email, help, memo, mobile hotspot, music, Polaris office 5, s voice, settings, setup wizard, video, voice recorder, file manager, are all current apps on my Android phone. None of these get updates offered.

Thank you marktheknife :slight_smile:


Why would you make that comment?..

“Why do you want something you didn’t purchase?”

I spent over $300 on 3 cameras which includes FREE cloud based hosting for the videos. A cloud based service which the company signed up to maintain, improve, enhance, etc.in order to sell more cameras. Now the company has been sold to Amazon and the drive to improve it’s products appears to be gone.

“Download all” via mobile app or desktop is needed. Honestly it concerns me the programmer didn’t consider this when making their initial design, wireframes, PRD, TRD, etc. It’s a VERY basic feature that should have been there.

i.e.: Programming 101



You got what you paid for is exactly why I made that comment. Just because you want a certain feature doesn’t mean it’s a priority for Blink much less something they would actually deliver. And once again, how much would YOU be willing to pay for this additional feature if Blink made it available? Blink, myself, and many others already know the answer - little to nothing.

Here is the bottom line…Blink is no longer Blink from the original days. Once a new parent company exists, the products, software, technologies and other Blink assets became Amazon assets.

The liabilities probably did not transfer over to the new parent company - Amazon. Those liabilities from the past are gone including past promises, assumptions, etc. In all actuality, you and I are lucky Blink is still up and running. The life cycle for consumer electronics is 2-5 years… Blink currently is in the middle of that life cycle. What aught to concern you is the Blink TOS that mentions they in essence can shut it down at anytime.

Download all is not needed. It’s something that you want granted but it’s not really needed. Why?
Because Blink has been selling hundreds of thousands of units all over the world without he download all function. Sales always Trumps R&D expenditures. Guess what that’s called…Marketing 101.


Hmmm… “Sales always >>>Trumps<<<< R&D expenditures.”. Interesting capitalization.

Anyways, I disagree and I’m not going to sit here debate you about your opinion. “DOWNLOAD ALL” is needed, and I’m not the only one requesting it. If they want to keep selling future cameras, but not keep improving the cloud side… then they will eventually be eaten up by the competition.

If Blink programmer(s) cannot support basic and obvious software feature, then shut Blink down ASAP. We’ll move on to other competent companies and products.

Oh and while they’re at it… they can remove this page:



Hey @Joel_Ek and @Drummer,

I appreciate the good debate you both are having and just want to chime in. I think it is totally reasonable to request/ask for a feature that is not currently provided. One of the key reasons I launched the community was so we could hear this kind of feedback directly from our customers.

I also agree that it is important to understand what features are currently provided by any product, whether it is home security or not, and not to assume that any particular feature will come.

Anyway, you both have great points; let’s continue to have civil, constructive debates and I thank you both for your contributions!


There are many of us that are satisfied enough with Blink’s current feature set. Why would they shut down the service completely? If you are dissatisfied with the features that Blink offers, there is nothing stopping you from moving on.

I agree with you that it is pointless to argue over whether a feature is “needed,” since that is a matter of opinion, as you pointed out.

But I do think it’s interesting that you seem to be ignoring @Joel_Ek’s point re: the ongoing costs of providing a cloud-connected platform and continuous feature updates.

Blink cameras are cheap, and they don’t require you to pay any ongoing fees for access to their cloud. You can’t seriously expect to get something for nothing.

If you want to go with other “competent” companies then you should expect to either pay for the service, or maybe give up the right to your personal data so that they can sell that info to others. You have to pay the piper somehow.

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Further up in the thread, there is mention of download all available. This is via 3rd party work. Probably the android emulator Nox running on windows pc. I think Sutty was the guy making the offer to help out.

3rd party is how the much nicer camera mounts came to be. 3rd party is how viewing cameras on a PC came to be. 3rd party is aka Aftermarket. Aftermarket companies are who makes accessories for cars/trucks. Aftermarket is a great avenue to customize your Blink ownership experience.

Blink used to, at least, be able to d/l individual videos, but that ability has been taken away.

Man! This editor SUCKS!


I’m not sure what you mean. You can still download/delete individual files.

You can also batch delete.

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How do I batch delete? Also on my last phone a Samsung 8S+ the pictures and videos would show up in my gallery, I just purchased a Samsung Note10+ and I can’t get them onto the phone, any ideas?
Thank you, Ron Luks

Click and hold on one of the recordings, it’ll select it. You can then select all the recordings and delete at once.

The still shots are meant for camera identification, and do no save locally to the phone.

Thank you.

The Bobs are so cool !! I’m pretty sure they are in charge at my company…