Doorbell substitute

I have read all about the Blink door system and I am not willing to wait in on the completion and release of this current ghost product. So what did you end up doing for those who went ahead and purchased something different? What product did you buy? Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone

I have a Ring Doorbell Pro (hard wired). Been working flawlessly for 4 years.

Many of blink competing brands have a video doorbell. Watch YouTube reviews and comparisons. Seems to be a dime a dozen nowadays. Price around 50-100 just like cameras.

I do not have a doorbell camera but may get one someday. I now use a Blink XT2 inside a birdhouse by my front door. Battery WiFi cameras are much better than nothing but to save battery life they stay in rest mode until they sense motion and turn on to record. They sometimes record late, seeing only the back side of the porch pirate as they are leaving. YouTube channel LifeHackster has reviewed doorbell camera brands and in one video shows a battery Ring camera missing a porch pirate. The best is wired doorbell cameras in my opinion but you need to check your voltage and chimes compatibility in your house. Some have monthly subscription fees, some don’t. Some have better resolution than others, some work with Google Assistant or Alexa, etc. Do your research before you buy and you will be happier with your decision. I would be surprised if Blink released a doorbell camera in the future, I wouldn’t wait for them either.

I’m assuming that is just a fake birdhouse that hides your camera? Although don’t think it will fool anyone.
I have 2 Blink Outdoor cameras, 1 inside a bluebird house and the other on a pole outside the birdhouse