Doorbell release

Respectfully, I believe you are wrong.

This forum is meant for Blink users to learn from one another and create a community around a shared interest.

If you and others would prefer that it become a forum primarily to whine and complain even though that won’t really accomplish anything as @ronsec mentioned, then I’ll move on.


To your point, then why did they write in May that the release was near completion?

Who knows? One possibility is they’re doing it just to mess with us, I guess. Seems unlikely to me, but that’s what you seem to keep implying.

Maybe it was almost ready and they realized there was some kind of fatal flaw in the design, so they had to start over.

Maybe amazon is forcing immedia to not release the Blink doorbell and stay silent about it, just to create some weird online buzz about blink vs. ring.

The point I’m trying to make is, isn’t it a waste of time to sit here and stew about it? They’re not going to release it any earlier just because anyone raises a ruckus in their online forum.


@NedN: What marktheknife said …

You’re right Mark it could be whatever. No I dont think its malicious behavior. Is being any kind of transparent and straight with people a big deal for them? I just don’t appreciate not being forthcoming at all, this is not a deep state project. thats it.

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Nope, it’s a Jeff Bezos project, now.

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Did you notice that the promo video has the camera at 90° to the door? The doorbell is not attached to the side of the door. I can only assume that this due to the way PIR works. Further, I’m wondering if Blink is having issues with PIR accurately capturing motion that is coming directly at the door. If that doesn’t work, the device is useless.

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You may have a point there.

There are lots of comments on here about cameras not picking up movement and most of the time the advice is that movement towards the camera is poor but across it is much better - so position your camera accordingly.

Therefore it would be pretty useless to use the same detection method for a doorbell.

Being able to place a doorbell at 90 degrees may prove problematic.

Who said the doorbell is using PIR?

Assumption on my part. I have no info!

Yep - a bit frustrating waiting for the doorbell but have had the camera system up and running for a few months and it is really great! Low cost, reliable and cloud subscription not required. And it was very easy to install.
We’ll wait for the doorbell…

One suggestion - the system does not send alert when the battery runs low, it would be nice to have a few days / hours warning before the battery runs out and the system stops working.



Ive been waiting as well…Im now looking towards getting a different security system with hopefully a doorbell cam…and if I can get something that is not related to Amazon, that would be a bonus. Anyone wants a 5 camera system?

Why is that?

Since Amazon took over Blink, I started having issues like videos disappearing and videos that I cant view. It may or may not be related to Amazon or I may have a different experience with other Blink users, but I feel Amazon will find a way to start charging for the cloud storage these videos are stored.

I know the doorbell was tested in homes and worked well. I think it will never be sold because there is no monitoring fee and eventually Amazon will phase out Blink completely by way of not having updates. New phones wont support old software and that will eventually make the blink obsolete.

How do you know the doorbell was tested in homes, if I may ask.?


Blink has used amazon cloud service since the beginning to store the videos, so I doubt anything changed since the aquasition, the only difference is who’s pocket that extra savings went to from not having to pay for that storage anymore.

Is your 5 camera system XT or standard?

Reason for optimism?

Your guess is as good as mine :wink:

The Blink Camera Doorbell was featured in CES 2018 on January 15, 2018. They said the doorbell should be released in a few months. It’s now October 23, 2018 and still NO doorbell. Is Amazon trying to decide who’s name will be printed on the doorbell, Blink or Amazon? Geesh! Come out with it already. I have other Blink cameras and just waiting to add the doorbell.

Thank you!