Door Bell - What Happened since 2017 and and any compatible option?

Dear Blink Team and Community,
I have been searching online everywhere for a Blink Compatible Door Bell?
The last article announcing this was from 2017? What happened? Are you blocked internally because of the Ring acquisition? What can we use? I have a complete Blink system active, only thing missing is a Door Bell!

Welcome to the forums! Blink dropped the doorbell for whatever reason. There are none out there which are compatible so you will have to use a different brand and a second app. I use Ring pro. Good luck with your choice.

Blink dropped the door bell because they bought RING which already had a doorbell

Thanks guys for the feedback. Would be great if Amazon could pull the resources together, and integrate these services to a really comprehensive offering without gaps. Does not make sense to buy a Door Bell Camera separate from the other Cameras, and they cant communicate together? Also not unusual for a company of the size of Amazon to have two competing product lines in parallel without one blocking the other…

Once they bought Ring they let Blink go to crap. All it’s doing is being maintained. In my opinion the ONLY reason they came out with the Blink Outdoor ( Which is practically 100% the same specs as the XT2 ) is for the Sync Module 2 to force new people to pay for a subscription. Otherwise, you don’t hear from Blink much here anymore, suggestions aren’t taken even when the masses agree changes are needed. Etc. etc. Etc.

Yup, they (Amazon) bought Blink for it’s chipsets not for it’s products. They also paid about 10 times more for Ring then Blink. Reading a few business journal articles from the 2017 buyout of both companies and it’s crystal clear the what and the why.

Funny part in all of this is how Blink owners cry…omg I’m so heavily invested in Blink how could they screw me over like that. Truth be told those same peolple, most off them have less than $1,000 into Blink. Yet they’ll spend 1 to 3 grand every 2-3 years on the latest and greatest cell phone. Priorities baby!