Done...Returning Unit...Will NOT work with Mesh Wifi

My mom has this system and it works well so I bought one. The new system moduli will not sync. It needs need firmware update will not do it via my mesh network. I went in an tried to split the SSIDs to no avail.

Got a different system and synched right up with no issues. Too bad. Blink needs to get it together.

Just a thought, and might not work, and if you’re done, don’t bother, but is it worth trying making a hotspot on a mobile device with the exact same SSID and password as your mesh network, to get it setup to begin with. Once done, cancel the hotspot, and maybe it will jump on to your mesh network. Doubt it will work, but as one last thing, before giving up on a system you otherwise seem to like.


I cannot offer any advice on this but to offer reassurance that it does/can work.

I’m using Linksys Velop Mesh, 1 parent and 2 child nodes with no issues.

My Blink set up is 13 cameras over 3 sync units.

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Mesh WiFi works fine for me as well, Google Onhub (WiFI)

Worked with Asus mesh for me

My netgear Orbi works fine

Works on my Netgear Nighthawk wifi6 mesh. With no modifications to any system.

Somewhere buried in the Blink support website was an article where they mentioned XT-1 does not work with mesh. However, XT-2 was built specifically so it would work better with mesh and wifi repeaters. Sadly, many old articles have been deleted during Blink’s support website updates.

Works with Linksys mesh (4 nodes).

14 Blink Cameras via 3 sync models.

Works fine with orbi and my current eero mesh. Wifi congestion in your area could be to blame. I had a few connection issues when I lived in a congested subhurb, but now living in a rural area using the same equipment it fast and connects reliably. Check your surrounding wifi for