Does Mounting on a Tree require power tool?

I ordered the blink XT but it has yet to arrive. I am not at all handy, so I am concerned with what’s necessary to mount onto tree. I am having a hard time imagining just a Phillips screwdriver will get the job done, so will I need to borrow a power drill of some sort?

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Hi @Asd123,

I guess it kind of depends. If the wood is soft enough, I think a screwdriver could work fine to put the screw in. If there is really thick bark or the tree is a very hard wood it may be more difficult without a drill.

Hi @Asd123,

I recommend a power driver and a 1 inch deck screw.

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thanks guys, I went ahead and bought a cheap drill off amazon and an excessive amount of deck screws.


My arborist said using a screw to mount the camera would not harm our tree.

However, he said the screw MUST be stainless steel to avoid poisoning the tree.

It seems a reasonable safeguard. I’d rather spend a few pennies more on stainless steel screws that to kill off our prized tree with cheap screws!



I have 3 mounted to trees. I made square mounting blocks, attached the cameral mounts to them and then screwed the blocks onto the trees . You could do it with a screwdriver but, a power driver would be far easier. The only issue I have had is a squirrel occasionally bumping it.