Do these XT not motion trigger in the cold?

new to blink, have XTs outside. its about 15 F out and they are not detecting motion now. they will show me live feed, but if i do a walk by test, they are no triggering like they did last night when it was warmer. i recall they are supposed to operate a few degress below zero.

I am new as well. My motion and live feed shuts completely down when it drops to about 40 degrees. Ive tried like hell to get BLINK to assist but they never respond to my emails. Good luck, im at a loss on what to do.

Maybe you two should contact support and see about exchanging for a new camera. The coldest it’s gotten where I live so far is approx. 29°, and I still received motion activated video clips. Contact for support can be found in app. I’ll tag @nick_at_blink so the Blink team is aware.

It’s been really cold here at around zero most of the time for the past week and my XT has been working great out. Although notifications (android app) are still iffy at best.

try unarming and arming. i also tap “update” not sure if that is needed or not, but a lot of times my setting changes aren’t saved when i return later to double check.

it is currently armed, its currently reading 20 degrees and its clipping

Hi Everyone,

Just so you all know:

"The Blink indoor camera operating temperature is from 32 to 95 deg. F (0 to 35 deg. C)

The Blink XT operating temperature range is -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)."

If your outdoor temperature is outside of these ranges it can lead to some camera malfunctioning and be potentially damaged. If you are experiencing camera functionality issues and your temperature is within these ranges, I would recommend submitting a support ticket or calling us at (781) 332-5465 in the US or +441158384189 in the UK, so we can try to resolve this issue!

My Blink XT is not working at all outdoors and it is 26 degrees! Once I bring it indoors, it starts working again. Very frustrating!

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Its about 20 degrees here in NH right now and my XT’s are properly reacting to motion.

My cameras have been working fine the week. Temps at night are 5-10 below zero.

Hi @JDC,

I am glad to hear it! There definitely seems to be a range of effects that can occur in temperatures below what we recommend, but it seems like many people aren’t having issues at all!

just want to follow up and say that my two xt are triggering in the cold, down to 0 degrees. i think i didn’t have them armed correctly.

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Hey @Jayson,

Thanks for following up! I am glad to hear your cameras are working properly, and let us know if we can help with anything else!

my two motions dector not working in the cold I’ve done everything the company all my and still don’t work free what do I do with two that don’t work and spent allot of money on them

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@Bill_Ewaniuk: Here’s what I would try. How old are the batteries and if you replaced them are they Lithiums. What is the strength of the camera to wifi and sync module signals. If all that is good bring the cams indoors and see if they trigger after warm up. If all these fail open up a support ticket.

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Everything is working fine with the motions I found out it not saving it to storage who control that? Also open a ticket. Ty for your help…

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If you haven’t already call tech support.

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Same problem, 2 of 4 new cameras. Just installed yesterday. They work fine indoors. Customer support has been contacted. 26 degrees outside.

Hi @Yogi,

Were you able to get this issue resolved, working with support?

Not sure just yet, they are sending out a new camera, should be here Wednesday, then will probably take a few hours to a day or 2 to find out if that was the fix.

Support was very easy to work with!!


Glad you had a good experience! Please keep me updated when you get the new camera.