Do Not Buy These Cameras

I have been having issues with my cameras for over a month. There seems to be no continuity in how the techs are trained as each time it they say something different. The last three times I have called, I have been disconnected twice and never received a call back even though I was asked to confirm my number. I know both of the techs that never called back were not in the US. I was told originally that my internet speed needed to be 2.4, so I spent an hour with my provider changing to 2.4. Since then! I have not been able to access my system remotely and cameras have worked intermittently. I have sent several emails detailing my dissatisfaction and asked if Blink will be liable if there is an incident at my property and it is deemed their system was faulty and they failed to provide a fix, no response. I have asked for a full refund for Blink systems for 2 properties, no answer. Do not buy Blink, their customer service is not indicative of an Amazon company.

My husband and I absolutely love ours. Sorry your having problems.

Glad your cameras are working, hope you don’t have any issues as this has been going on for quite some time and No-one from Blink has reached out to me. For a security Camera company to remain silent is unbelievable!

I am guessing your problem is connecting to your cameras? If so, then the problem may be the upload or download speed of your internet. Those speeds are expressed as mbps. (Mega bytes per second). The 2.4 ghz is the frequency of the wireless radio band. That frequency is what these cameras use. 2.4 ghz has a longer range than 5 ghz, and is more reliable over a longer distance vs 5 ghz which is faster over shorter distances.
Blink cameras need a minimum of 2 mbps upload speed. Try running a speed test to see what your download and upload speeds are using a wireless connection. Mine average about 95 mbps download and 12 mbps upload using 2.4 ghz wireless frequency. Download is 260 mbps using 5ghz, but the range is short. With 2.4 ghz I can get a weak signal from 2,000 feet away, and I get three full bars from 100 feet away going through several walls and a floor.
I have a Netgear R7000 router. I have no connection problems. Your router, your internet provider service, or your location and other factors may affect your connection. I suggest you try to get upload speeds of 5 mbps. I am not sure what download speeds are needed as they are not mentioned in the requirements except to say you need high speed internet. To me that would be a minimum of 25 mbps download. These cameras will connect properly if you meet or exceed the minimum requirements. My only complaint so far is the audio quality of the mini camera. But for $25 I was not expecting much. In other aspects it performs well. The outdoor camera is very good, so far.
I hope you resolve your problems.

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Thank you Stan for this informarion,

Everything was working fine and then I could only access one indoor camera offsite, no outdoor or basement camera. On one of my many calls, I was told I needed the 2.4ghz speed. I called my internet provider and upgraded to the 2.4ghz. I have the newest Comcast router. After another call to Blink and resetting all cameras, I was told there were issues with one outside camera and was sent a new camera. Installed the new camera and all worked for a couple days and same issue. My speeds are 127.04mpbs download speed and upload speed is 16.74mbps. Last week, someone was in my back yard and the camera did not pick them up. Numerous calls to Blink and nothing has worked, all go through the remove batteries and reinstall. Totally Dissatisfied with their customer service and lack of interest in my issue.
Thanks again for the tips.

I have Comcast too, 100 mb down 5 mb up ( I get that speed plus another 15%).

The big difference is the router. I’m using a Netgear C3700v2. It doesn’t have all the Comcast overhead and control. My three Blink XT2 Outdoor cameras work great. Maybe this will help.

Greensub makes a good point. I have the newest Comcast combination modem router in my basement, but it has lousy range, partly due to its location. Instead I connect it to my Netgear router which is placed on my second floor and gets great range.
Try taking a smart phone or laptop to the areas where your two troublesome cameras are located and running a speed test from those locations to see what download and upload speeds you get from those locations. If they are are 117 mbps download and 17 mbps from those locations then the internet connection is probably not the problem. Under settings for those cameras do you show three full bars indicating a good connection?
Regarding recording, which is a different issue,
So far I have not had problems. On my back porch my outside camera catches nearly everything within twenty feet. But its located at a perfect spot to capture motion. Several (squirrel on the deck) videos recently. But first I suggest you try to resolve your connection problem. After you fix that, then you can try your best to capture motion that you want to record.
Good luck.

One more item, my 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz have separate SSID’s. That’s by default on the Netgear routers that I’ve seen, but more recent AT&T and Comcast routers now encourage the user to use the same SSID for both.

If you are an iPhone user, you can download Apples Airport utility and enable WiFi scan in iOS settings. This will give you the signal strength and channel info. You may find your neighbor is on the same channel as you using 2.4 ghz. even though there are 11 channels, please only use channel 1, 6, or 11 for the best results. I scratched my head when I learned this too. BTW, the lower the dB number, the stronger the signal. WiFi signals above 72 dbm are unreliable, I have an access point setup for better signal strength to my camera at the rear of my home. The C3700v2 handles the two cameras at the front door. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the Great info,

I will do the tests and let everyone know how. I make out.

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I know hindsight is 20/20 however, after being on this community for more than a couple years, you’ll come to realize most of the problems Blink users are having falls into the following categories.

#1 Wifi network issues causing sync module and/or camera to not work or work inconsistently.

#2 Operator error on install and/or mobile app settings.

#3 Battery voltage not high enough aka weak batteries.

#4 Blink hardware failure

#5 Mobile app does not work well with mobile device.

As the #1 problem is Blink owner’s wifi network has issues, Blink tech support has remote software they can have you install. If you’re not using that software, ask Blink tech support why not. Also note Wyze is using this software with their tech support also.