Do Blink cameras attract bees?

Hi everyone.

It’s been some days that my outdoor camera sends motion alerts and when I check the videos I see a stressed bee flying around the camera.

I googled about sight sense of bees and they dont “see” in IR spectrum so this is a weird situation. What could be happening?

Thanks in advance

might be a nest near the camera or maybe you got some sweet smell on camera when installing or it might think the lense is a hole it could go in to make a hive. Try cleaning camera with a wipe and see if it stop coming

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Thanks! I’ll clean the camera and see what happens. Today was a rainy day so no bees around.

More Bee vídeos…:sweat_smile:.

I think that the problem might be the
white silicone housing for the camera I bought.

I have similar issue with wasps and mosquito’s attracted to the camera. when they become a bother I just call the pest control company and they come out and spray for me. It takes care of them for a time.

Almost every day a large single hornet or yellow jacket slowly visits my camera once a day looks at it and leaves. Did it when it was original black and after white cover was put on it? I wonder if they can hear a noise we cant? It does make an odd noise on video live.

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I don’t know tat bees wasps or other insects are attracted to the camera the one on my porch is powered by a power supply that may have something to do with a bird that perched on my camera to stay out of the cold and wet I think? Anyway it was funny.

Yellow jackets. I had a zillion triggers from those things attacking the cams. All of the cams.

I don’t know about insects, but I installed one Outdoor camera under my eaves and another under a gazeebo and on the frist day of installation I had 1 bird sitting on each camera.


I can tell you for a fact the blink cameras do attract hornets. The original blink much more than the blink 2. I have to turn them off during the day time because I keep getting alerts and it runs the batteries down. Spray does not keep them away.

I had my first wasp of the season this week (upper left of frame) I only see a wasp occasionally. My much bigger problem is with spiders being attracted to them. For some reason, every spider on my property thinks right across the lens of these cameras is a really banging place to to rappell down and make their appearance on the alert it triggers, often in the middle of the night (because of course.) I usually have to gently brush the cameras and the surrounding area with a small broom to clear the webs away regularly throughout “spider season”

Me too it was perched on my camera out of the cold rain