DIY Anti-Theft and Anti-Vandal Outdoor Camera Mount

unfortunately, due to how PIR motion detection works, anything that would sit in front of the camera would affect motion detection.

If anyone wants to donate the 3D printer, then i’ll work on making a securable mount that doesn’t impact functionality :slight_smile:

I would like to see the step by step instructions if you would be kind enough to send them.

Thanks. Dan

This idea is great. Please send step by step instructions to Gijo. Thanks.

Please send me the info.

Unfortunately my Blink cameras were lost to the buyer during the sale of my home do to poor wording in my listing by my Realtor (which was actually me). But I will provide I quick instructional for those that are interested.

I’ve already shared the materials needed, so here are the tools needed:

The Dremel is optional, but makes for cleaner lines, and the two inch hole drill bit is optional as well, but should make the job easier and a cleaner finish. I actually didn’t use the 2 inch hole drill, but wish I had.

I made to designs as shown below:

So the first thing you want to do is cut a window in the clear plastic of the electrical box cover. You can choose square or circle, depending on your tools and preference. A square window doesn’t provide as much protection to the camera as the round window does, but the square window is also less likely to interfere with the sensor. If you choose round you can use the 2 inch hole drill bit…or just use a large drill bit in the center and use the tin snips or wire cutters to expand the circle to your desire size. If you choose the square, you can use the same method as above, or use a Dremel to make quick work of it. I dont have exact dimensions, so just experiment to see how big of a window you need to prevent blockage of the sensor.

The next step is to just the sides of the clear plastic cover to accommodate the Blink camera.

The camera will fit pretty snug inside the box, so there is not enough space to close the clear plastic lid with the camera inside. If you cut the sides close to the width of the camera, the plastic cover will also help hold the camera in place, in the center of the box, so it doesn’t slide down to the bottom if its rattled by window or other forces.

The next step is to determine where you want to mount the camera, and bend the metal strap tie in a way that position your camera at the angle you desire. This can be done with a vise or with pliers.

You’ll need to buy some nuts, bolts and washer that will fit through the holes in the electrical box cover so you can secure it to the metal strap ties. The strap tie holes will prob not align perfectly with the electrical box holes, so you may have to a drill hole in strap tie to match up holes with box.

Its all really pretty simple, which is mind blowing why there is nothing out there like it (at least when I started this post). I used two 3 inch framing screws to secure the box where I wanted it. Depending on the angle you bend the strap tie and the location you are mounting the housing…it is probable easier to secure the strap tie to wherever you are mounting it FIRST without the box attached, and then use the nuts and bolts to secure the box. If you use 3 inch screws like I did…I would recommend drilling a pilot hole with slightly smaller diameter drill bit because it can be difficult to screw a 3 inch screw into solid wood without one.

If you are really worried about thieves, you can add a small pad lock to prevent tampering, but mine were high enough that I didn’t worry about it.

I hope this is helpful…I know it is brief. If you still have questions feel free to ask.

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Hello I was interested in obtaining the instructions for making the anti-vandal outdoor case. Please send send me the instructions and photos you mentioned to Thank you.

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Hope no one minds; I just wanted to offer my personal opinion.

If you really need features that are so “heavy duty” (I’m sorry, I can’t think of another term to use), then maybe you should be investing in a security system that is a little more commercial-grade than Blink.

I have never seen any business or financial institution use Blink for their video security needs.

It seems to me that Blink is designed for use by the average home or apartment resident.


You know what they say about personal opinions Ron. I provided a $9 solution to a VERY common problem. Take it or leave it. I aint selling it. Maybe you are on the wrong thread.

Got it.

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Hi. I think your idea looks great and I definitely want to replicate it for my house, the bees are terrible here. Can you share some more details on how you went about this. Cheers