DIY Anti-Theft and Anti-Vandal Outdoor Camera Mount

‘Necessity Is the Mother of Invention’

If you were like me, you were probably disappointed with the cheap mounting hardware included with the Blink XT Outdoor Security cameras. I mean, come on, a determined bumble bee with a heavy build and a moderate tail wind could probably dislodge your camera from its mount. So although I was excited to set up my new security cameras, I was hesitant to leave my expensive new security system subject to theft or vandalism (from humans or from a rogue bumble bee with a vendetta).

So allow me to share my $9 invention and solution to my conundrum.

Supplies needed (purchased from Home Depot):

I used one Simpson Strong-Tie and one 1-gang Expandable In-Use Cover for a grand total of $9.01 +tax

There are a couple small modifications to the housing that are necessary for the camera to fit inside, including cutting a small window in the clear plastic cover…but really a pretty simple, effective, and inexpensive mounting bracket, that should prevent theft or vandalism from all but the most determined low-life. The housing even has a hole in the bottom corner where a lock could be placed.

If anyone is interested in a more detailed step-by-step process, let me know and I’d be happy to provide more instruction with photos.


I’ve had mine up with the stock mounts for 9 months no problems.

That’s fantastic! So you feel that your stock mounts provide sufficient strength and protection to withstand a blow from a broom handle or maybe a thrown rock? Because this post is aimed toward those that are concerned with intentional damage to or theft of the camera.

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I was mainly replying to your point about a moderate tail wind dislodging the camera/mount. Yes the mounts are secure enough to withstand wind storms we’ve had a few this summer. In order for the PIR sensor to work correctly you have to cut out the clear cover in the in use cover How’s a blow directly to the camera lens/PIR sensor going to hold up with a broom stick? If you could try this report back and let us know.

Looks good. Cut out the hole for the pir and ir light.

Clearly you missed the point of my bumble bee metaphor.

My question to you was, do you believe the stock mounts provide sufficient, if any, protection from intentional theft or damage to the camera?

To be fair, I’ll answer my own question. Yes…at an absolute minimum, the mounting hardware I fabricated, when compared to the stock mount, gives the appearance of a much more robustly secured device, which might, in and of itself, deter intentional abuse.

But to answer your question…yes, a direct hit to the camera lens would likely result in damage. But other than that, the thing is virtually indestructible. The Simpson Strong-Tie, the mount for the enclosure, is affixed to a floor joist with two, 3-inch screws, capable of holding the weight of a grown adult.

Yes, unfortunately the cut-outs do compromise the integrity of the housing to some degree, but are necessary for the Motion sensor. But this was just the prototype, I’m certain I could get away with a much smaller window.

Cool idea, any loss of signal strength though ?

Both cameras I mounted with the enclosure are showing full bars. However, they are also not mounted more than 50 feet away from my wireless router and Sync module.

I really like your your idea. I was also disapointed with the cheap mounting. I love the camera & easy set-up, but the unprotection of the camera is scary. Camera can be lifted right off or knocked off and stolen.
Thanks for the idea.

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Can u share the step by step instructions. I would like to give this a try. Thanks

I would also like the step by step instructions. Thanks.

I would like step by step instructions, thanks

Great security housing for camera…I have lost 3 cameras or I should say stolen from small one story office building.You put cameras up twelve ft…and they get a 12ft pole or stick etc etc and simple knock or wedge them off the mount…Love my stolen xt cameras…Worked great and the app is fantastic, If the gentleman that built the camera housing could send more details
Much appreciated,

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Wow! That’s a lot of stolen cams. It’s a waste too, because as long as you leave them registered on your account, the thieves can’t use them.

Ronsec Super User,
Thanks for the reply

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but they can sell them to unsuspecting buyers on Ebay.

Did it record their video before they made away with the cameras?

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Sad but true … But there is recourse through ebay and/or paypal. Big hassle though.

I had to place one of my cameras on my 8’ fence. It’s the only camera that needs a better mount and a more secure enclosure. Squirrels use to knock it over multiple times a week; apparently this is on their travel path (I have lots of close up videos of squirrels). This was solved by slightly relocating the camera. Now I have neighbors turning the camera, knocking it off the mount, and sometimes grabbing it to take videos of themselves. Luckily they drop it on the ground when they’re done so I’m always able to recover it. I’m surprised no one has come up with a simple clear bubble enclosure for the blink cameras; would this affect the sensor?