Distance XT Camera

Can someone please advise distance covered by the XT Camera, my wish is to put one at the front of the house but many pedestrians on the pathway, my distance from camera to end of drive approx six metres.

Are you concerned about viewing distance or motion detection range? There won’t be a issue with viewing range. The motion detection range is up to 20ft(6.1m), if you concerned about motion detection you’ll be at the edge of the detection range.

It was motion detection hopefully will just be within range, Many thanks for answer.

I don’t know. I have seen my camera pick up motion over 100 ft away (especially when I didn’t want it to).
Here it picks up a car on the other end of my yard:

… and regularly picks up motion at 30 feet. That is how my front door camera is set up (on lamp post at the end of the driveway). May depend on the environment

Here is a regular visit from the bear. Again, the camera is on the lamp post at the end of a 30 ft driveway.


Great videos, informative too.
Many Thanks

I also have a long driveway and trying to record all the neighborhood dog walkers who are not cleaning up afterwards :frowning:

Will the camera pick up the wifi from about 40 ft? and does it require a lot of lighted surroundings?

Hey @TaKO,

The camera to wifi range is up to 100 feet, so you shouldn’t have any issue at 40! And assuming you are using an XT, lighting should not be a problem. The XTs have infrared to see in the dark, but if there is enough light they will not go into this mode.

I believe that while the camera to wifi range may be 100ft…the actual motion detection trigger distance is only 20 feet. So, unless the camera is within 20 feet of motion, it will not start recording.


Don’t the XT’s also have to connect to the Blink Module?

At my house the XT’s don’t seem to be able to connect to the module at as far a distance as they can to wifi.

Yes, all blink cameras need two distinct connections, to a sync module and to a WiFi access point.

Since the connection to the sync module is on a lower frequency than the WiFi connection, in many circumstances the sync module connection should propagate farther and penetrate walls or other obstructions better than WiFi.

But I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why, in a particular user’s case, the camera’s connection to wifi could be stronger than the connection to the sync module.

Curious about these wifi distances. There’s no point having the module very far from the router, since it doesn’t effect router to camera distance, right? I have my module in same room as router (15’ away) and get 3 bars. Camera is about 40’ from router (25’ from module), it gets 1 bar. My phone gets 5 bars 30’ away in another room. I have no issues, just seems weak. It does go through 2 stucco walls to the camera.

PS, I did try moving module outdoors closer to camera, both get 1 bar.

Mine is Camera to wifi 5 bars , Camera to module 4 bars, module one foot away from router., that’s readings for external camera through two brick walls two interior cameras both reading five bars., Guess I must be lucky, the only thing I did do was change the batteries immediately and put Energisers in, not sure that makes any difference.

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