Distance between mounting hole centres, stock blink mount

Has anyone got the measurement for the stock Blink XT2 wall mount, distance
between centre’s in millimetres, and also the size of the hole to drill in brickwork.

Reason being, it’s not being delivered till this evening, and i would like to drill the holes this afternoon, and not annoy anyone by drilling at night.

Thank you,


mount it with duct tape!!!
make sure it works in the location
Then drill holes in brickwork

You’re gonna be ticked off if you do this backwards.
drill holes
mount camera
dammit it doesn’t work at that location.

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Apparently you didn’t read what the OP said. He doesn’t have the cameras yet, and wants to drill before they come. So there would be no way to mount them with duct tape before they get there at night. OP just wanted to avoid drilling holes at night and upsetting their neighbours.
Guessing it’s too late now for dimensions.

Not trying to speak for Joel, but I’m pretty sure he read, and understood. He was making the point that if you drill, in advance of testing the location, you are sure to end up being disappointed, with a couple of holes in a useless place.

Most everyone who posts in this forum with an issue has done little to no effective testing, and ends up complaining about poor performance.

Joel’s point was, much better to tape it up for a couple of days, be sure it operates, as expected, in that particular location, rather than put holes there first, and find out it doesn’t work properly in that spot.

Viewing angle, sensor orientation, signal strengths from router and sync module, items in view of the sensor for false triggers, all have to be considered and tested to be sure of a successful deployment, before you drill any permanent holes in brickwork.

And of course, as you mentioned, it is all now moot, since the OP wanted an answer that day.

I get that. But the OPs whole point was he wanted to install before the cameras got there.

and Joel’s advice was that would surely lead to disappointment.

Mhirc is n a Joel rant currently. Welcome to the club.

Only a fool would predrill hikes in masonry then later realize, oh darn, gotta move it as that spot was no good performance.

This is why you bench test, then trial mount test, then permanently mount. In that order. Day after day, every week newbie customers are here looking for help because they made wrong assumptions.

This,community is made up of Blink customers not Blink staff much less Blink tech support. The worst thing a customer can do is give a fellow customer bad advice and wrong answers. Don’t fall into that trap.