Dissapointing system

First and foremost, the good points ,brilliant that the cam is wireless, no wires to connect and simple to put in place ,great daytime pic and colour , great to be able to pinpoint the area for recording whilst blocking out the places not needed and the scheduler is brill, the button to arm / disarm is really good along with the free cloud storage…that is where the good bits stop !!..poor and terrible night pic ,the lag to view the live pic is terrible at any time !! on my previous cheap Chinese model the pic was instant but i did not think it was really secure so i changed to this Blink system, my cam to sync module is full three bars and 10 feet apart is only next door in the kitchen , the cam is 20/25 feet from my router which is the latest from my provider and only shows one bar…outside beside the cam , doing a speed test with my mobile phone the speed is 28.2 Mbps Download and 16.6 Mbps upload so no probs there , getting the lag for live view should be a priority for the next firmware update …just my opinion !!

Show us a picture of a night time shot, or a video, and we can tell you if it’s typical. If it’s not typical, maybe we could spot something that might improve things, in terms of mounting position, etc.

Considering it’s a battery powered camera, and the scene is illuminated by one tiny infrared LED, I’m fairly pleased with what I get in terms of night vision, but yeah, it’s not like a wired system.

These are common threads among new Blink customers.
#1 They buy on price
#2 Their performance expectations are not met
#3 Assumptions were made that turn out wrong
#4 They expect free additional feature/benefit via mobile app updates
#5 They want wired camera performance but at the Blink price.

Youtube has LOTS of videos comparing real world performance of Blink cameras vs. other competing brands. Those comparisons give the truth before you buy info to make your yes/no decision to purchase Blink.

In all of this it comes down to you really do get what you pay for. In the sub 100 bucks per camera world of fully wireless, it doesn’t matter what brand you buy. They all perform pretty much the same. They all have their problems and complaints of the various social media platforms.

Do your homework research, buy something, try it out, return it if not happy. It’s really that simple.

OK …thanks to all for the info and replies .update …the cam to sync…full bars …the cam to wifi …one bar and this is with the cam on the opposite side of the sync module …i do not like returning goods to the shop unless absolutely necassary , so today i will purchase a wifi extender and put it in the garage opposite the cam to see if it makes any difference , but can the firmware not be updated to solve the poor signal problem with the cam …Blink tx2 Purchased 4th Sept 2020 Firmware 7.96

No. Firmware does not control wifi signal.