Disarm timer

When we’re outside, I disarm the camera due to the excessive recording triggers.

I would like to be able to disarm for a small window, like 2 hours or 4 hours, or set the time to turn back on… Otherwise my system is disarmed for days because I forget to re-arm it.


Use the scheduling in the settings. That way when you disarm it will re arm later at the set time.

I agree and the reason I came to the forums. Here is my thoughts and what you can do in Ring or other apps.

It would be a useful enhancement if you could disable/disarm alerts in the app for a time period such as 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins, etc. Right now it appears we can only disarm/enable permanently though we can trigger a timed adjustment in a schedule.

Here’s an example - landscapers show up and I’d like to disable alerts for 30 mins. Or my daughter comes over and brings her dog and I’d like to disable the alerts for 60 mins while the dog runs around the back yard. A good user experience is the Disarm button/toggle in the app surface a time period or “permanent” no time period option.

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I requested this awhile ago…and seem to see many other requests related. I have kids - they go out to play and i have to disarm or it beeps all the time…but then i find i forgot to arm it again when i realize it didn’t alert me of a motion later. This seems like an easy enhancement that MANY would appreciate.